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Venus Concept предлага безопасна неинвазивна и неинванзивна апаратура за най-търсените процедури в областта на естетичната медицина. Независимо дали имате голяма клиника или малък център, нашите апарати са широкоспектърни и покриват голям брой терапии.

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Why You Should Be Investing In Hair Restoration Solutions

There’s no denying that the hair restoration market has surged in recent years and is on track to see even greater substantial growth in the next decade as more consumers explore their options.

The numbers say it all:

  • The global hair transplant market share is expected to surpass USD $24.8 billion by 2024.1
  • Around 80 million Americans, including men and women, suffer from hereditary hair loss.2
  • Hair transplants were the second-most researched cosmetic treatment among men on RealSelf.com in 2018, with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedures seeing an 11% increase in research volume compared to the previous year.3

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Clinical Results For Hair Restoration Treatments

The results speak for themselves. All of the before-and-after photos for our hair restoration treatments are from certified Venus Concept providers showcasing real patient results. Images are never edited or altered.

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