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Increase your revenue potential with Venus Concept while keeping device costs in check

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How the revenue share program works

Venus Concept’s Revenue Share Program makes it easier than ever for aesthetic professionals to gain access to the latest technology. Currently available with the Venus Velocity™ device, our Venus Connect™ smart technology securely and accurately compiles data on your device usage and generates a monthly invoice based only on what you use.

What the revenue share program can do for your business

In addition to only getting billed for your monthly usage, you’ll also enjoy the peace of mind of having no long-term contracts, interest charges, or other hidden fees, and your device will be covered by a comprehensive warranty for the entire life of the program. The Revenue Share Program also provides monthly usage analytics that enable you to:

Review detailed monthly statements to help monitor usage

Measure and validate performance of the device

Use data to finetune patient marketing strategies with the help of our Practice Enhancement Managers or our specialized 2two5™ advertising and marketing agency.

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