10 Building Blocks Of Social Media Marketing For Med Spas

10 Building Blocks Of Social Media Marketing For Med Spas

Social media strategy should be a fundamental part of your med spa digital marketing plan. 3.96 billion people currently use social media worldwide—58.11% of the global population—and that’s an audience you can’t afford to ignore. In a multi-platform survey, about 44.8% of users reported finding new products or services they are considering buying on social media. There’s no denying the power of social media marketing for med spas. However, with over 90% of businesses in the US alone using social media for marketing purposes, there is increasing competition to stand out to potential clients. The biggest mistake most businesses make is approaching their social media marketing without a plan. Your med spa digital marketing strategy is an essential component of your clinic’s success and should be built from the ground up. Here are the ten essential building blocks for any successful med spa’s social media strategy.

1. Objective 

Setting an objective provides a guide for your social media strategy as well as a way to assess if it is successful. Choose one or two main goals you would like to achieve. Is it to educate, to find clients, to retain clients, to land speaking/consulting gigs, possibly all of the above?

2. Platform

Rather than dividing your efforts at the start, choose one platform and master it before committing to more. Because of its visual component, many med spas focus their digital marketing efforts on Instagram. You may want to do some research before following the pack—for instance, did you know that Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media platform among women ages 25-40? Put simply, you should choose the one favored by your target audience and potential clients, rather than other clinics 

3. Tone 

Decide early on what image you want to project to the public, as this will inform everything from your profile picture to your comment policy. Will you aim to come across as professional? Personable? Remember that today’s social media users value authenticity above all, a quality that isn’t always easy to find in the aesthetics industry. And keep it positive!

4. Appearance

Across platforms, your med spa’s digital image should look picture-perfect and consistent. Use the same profile pic and logo, for instance, to boost recognition online. Keep your hours and contact info up to date, and keep your social media pages clean and in line with your clinic’s overall brand image. 

5. Posting Schedule 

Put simply, this is how often you are going to post and when. Once you have a schedule in mind, it’s important to stick to it, since inactive accounts have less discoverability and people are quick to stop following them. Multiple online services can help you automate your calendar to make the process easier.

6. Content 

Social media relies heavily on the visual, which is great for aesthetic businesses. High-quality images of your products and services will probably make up the bulk of your content, but feel free to get creative. You could include polls, Q&As, video tutorials—the list is endless. Also, make sure to link to longer-form content like blog posts or articles that offer more information and draw people to your clinic’s website.

7. Engagement 

One thing businesses sometimes forget is that the whole point of social media is to be social! Have no doubt, once you start posting appealing content, your audience will want to engage with you. It’s important to interact with your users so that your practice feels approachable and trustworthy. In this way, social media marketing for med spas has a customer service aspect to it. Check direct messages often, respond to questions and comments, and follow back. These connections will win over prospective clients and beat out the idle competition. 

8. Promotion 

You can significantly expand your reach by promoting your online presence through advertising. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms allow you to boost posts with a click for a fee, but we recommend doing some research and taking a targeted approach, as it’s very easy to waste money this way. The good news is, you can raise awareness of your social media efforts without spending a dime by posting engaging content, using relevant or trending hashtags, and keeping your account active.

8. Conversion 

All of this effort will be a waste of time if you aren’t actively turning your audience into clients. Although social media is an excellent tool for establishing an online presence for your clinic, it does have its limits in terms of converting likes into sales. It’s all about getting your interested followers one step closer to investing in their aesthetic journey. You can do this by making your website and contact info highly visible, and also by encouraging them to sign up for updates, announcements, or giveaways, thereby upgrading them to higher-level leads for your email marketing campaigns.

9. Tracking 

Put simply, this is how you plan to keep track of what works and to see if you are achieving the objectives you set in step one. Most social media platforms offer basic analytics that you can check in your account yourself. If you enlist the help of a social media manager or service, they will have a more robust method of incorporating this data into your med spa’s digital marketing plan. 

Putting together an effective social media strategy that looks good, boosts brand recognition, and converts into sales is no easy task. It’s worth enlisting the expertise of an individual or firm that can offer you the best return on investment for your online presence. This is especially true when uncertain times require careful management. At Venus Concept, we do far more than provide the most innovative and advanced medical aesthetic devices on the market. We’re also dedicated to the partners who use our products, with business services that help you equip, promote, and grow your clinic. This includes helping you navigate the ever-changing landscape of marketing and social media.

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