2two5™: An Effective Advertising Solution for Aesthetic Clinics


With an ever-growing number of marketing and advertising options, services, and methods that seemingly change in price, regulation, or algorithm each day, getting the most from your marketing efforts can be a drain on your time and budget. Running a medical aesthetics business is a demanding job, requiring constant efforts in patient acquisition and retention. The fine balancing act keeps your hands full and let’s be honest, online advertising isn’t everyone’s forte. Even if you’ve streamlined and simplified your marketing strategy, the learning curve can be daunting. In business, it’s important to save your time for the skills and services you can offer that make the greatest impact on your overall success—and that’s where we’d like to step in and introduce our new advertising agency exclusive to Venus Concept customers, 2two5™. 

What Is 2Two5™?

At Venus Concept, we’re focused on helping our clients achieve business success through a lineup of cutting-edge devices and skin care, alongside our industry-leading clinical education, practice enhancement, and marketing programs that prioritize your needs. Our new 2two5™ agency is the perfect extension to our customer partnerships. Even the name, 2two5™, a reference to the number of days it takes Venus to orbit the Sun, highlights our company’s philosophy that everything we do will always revolve around you and your needs.

An exclusive advertising agency for Venus Concept customers, 2two5™ connects prospective patients with non-invasive service providers by delivering the most compelling ads to the right audience, at the right time. To do this, we utilize our Advanced Conectivity Module (ACM) and non-identifiable demographic data to optimize your advertising targeting. In other words, while you specialize in medical aesthetics, our 2two5™ team specializes in marketing to the right audience at the right time. So you can keep busy doing what you do best.

What Sets 2two5™ Apart? 

The first factor that makes our advertising agency a serious contender is an experienced and skilled team. 2two5™ is staffed by advertising executives from digital agencies, creative agencies, and aesthetic marketing firms whose work is backed by official partnerships with two of the largest aesthetic review sites in the country.

These official channel partnerships offer customers improved local search authority. As our client, you gain access to enhanced capabilities and customer service that most small to mid-sized practices cannot afford. As a signed strategic partner with Doctor.com, 2two5™ offers deep industry-specific capabilities and experience. With this platform, your medical aesthetics clinic is able to easily announce the addition of new cutting-edge devices and services, ensuring an improved competitive edge in your online presence.

Finally, 2two5™’s ACM technology uses non-identifiable demographic data to direct more cost-efficient online advertising campaigns for Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, and Instagram—this is an industry first and available only to our Venus Concept customers. Our level of connectivity, demographic accuracy, and tracking is unparalleled in the industry and it’s exclusively available at a much lower cost to Venus Concept customers compared to our top advertising agency competitors.

The Bottom Line

The 2two5™ agency was built in response to overwhelming demand from our customers for advertising services that medical and non-medical practices can trust. With many medical aesthetic providers concerned about marketing costs, the efficacy of competitor plans, the risk of exaggerated results, and more, 2two5™ focuses on transparency and a customer-first business model. As a disruptive force in medical aesthetics advertising, we ensure our clients receive a better rate, improved marketing results, and a partner that really cares about their success.

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