7 Reasons Hair Restoration Physicians Choose VeroGrafters™

7 Reasons Hair Restoration Physicians Choose VeroGrafters

Created to support the use of the NeoGraft® and ARTAS® hair restoration system, the VeroGrafters™ program and app offer an additional aspect for significant business growth opportunities and optimal treatment efficacy. Get a better idea of all the benefits of the VeroGrafters™ program, as well as the many advantages of using the technician scheduling app to determine if it’s the right fit for your medical aesthetics business.

Who Are the VeroGrafters™?

NeoGraft® is an automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant system enhanced with updated implant and extraction tools, a pneumatic motor, touchscreen interface, and other features that allow for more consistent clinical outcomes. NeoGraft® hair restoration procedures are minimally invasive with no linear scar and fast patient recovery. 

The VeroGrafters™ program connects NeoGraft® and ARTAS® physicians with skilled, professional technicians (known as VeroGrafters™) through an easy-to-use mobile app. The VeroGrafters™ recruitment and selection process is stringent with accepted and certified technicians having, on average, 10 years of experience. Technicians are recertified annually to ensure they are meeting only the highest treatment standards. Working under the supervision of the clinic’s practicing physician, VeroGrafters™ professionals ensure patient safety is maintained for the best possible treatment outcome each and every time. The following are some additional benefits of the VeroGrafters™ program that can help your aesthetics clinic generate consistent growth.

Top Benefits of VeroGrafters™ for Your Aesthetics Business

Keep Staffing Costs in Check

When you’re working on growing your medical aesthetics clinic, bringing on new technology can be a large investment, especially if it requires new hires and specialized staff. While hiring an aesthetician can be a feat in itself, hiring a hair restoration specialist with years of experience can be a significant investment of time and money. With the VeroGrafters™ program, filling your technician needs is simple. Costs are kept in check by scheduling skilled staff only when you need them. As well, the VeroGrafters™ program ensures all technicians are recertified annually and trained on how to ensure the best treatment experience for your patients. Essentially, the VeroGrafters™ app makes it possible to tap into a highly skilled and specialized workforce with years of experience while saving time and money by bypassing the hiring process.

Better Utilize the Skills of Your Current Employees

Aesthetics clinic staff, particularly for smaller clinics, are often wearing a lot of hats. Adding a new treatment modality and clinical education to the mix may put a strain on employees’ time and energy, especially when you consider the significant amount of time and training required to properly complete a FUE hair restoration procedure. Instead, utilize a skilled and specialized pool of hair restoration technicians through the VeroGrafters™ program and allow your existing staff to better focus on the ways they are best equipped to contribute to your clinic’s growth and their overall career goals. By allowing staff to focus on what’s in their wheelhouse, you’ll also be improving your staff’s overall job satisfaction and indirectly improving the customer experience for greater customer retention.

Stress Less About Insurance

With staff come other costs, including insurance if anything goes wrong. With VeroGrafters™, all technicians, when booked through the application, are covered under a comprehensive corporate insurance policy to give you peace of mind and complete coverage. This also helps to better manage staffing expenses with insurance included in the cost, rather than an added bill.

Improve Business Growth

Patient acquisition can be one of the toughest and most expensive aspects of any medical aesthetics business. With all of the competition online, it can be difficult to attract the attention of prospective patients, particularly when you’re just starting out or introducing a new treatment like hair restoration to your services lineup. Using VeroGrafters™ allows your clinic to get a step up on the competitors with direct patient referrals from the NeoGraft® account management team, making it easier to get off the ground and build out an impressive before-and-after photo gallery you can use to better attract new patients.

Consistent and Optimal Results

While results can never be guaranteed, consistency in processes and working to achieve the best results for each patient’s unique aesthetic goals is imperative, particularly in building better word of mouth. The VeroGrafters™ program offers reliability and results. With the VeroGrafters™ program, it is mandatory for all technicians to follow strict procedures while placing the highest professional standards and best possible patient outcomes at the forefront. Our VeroGrafters™ also know the value of patient trust and confidence and will ensure they best represent your clinic with top-quality patient service and support. With our technicians, you won’t have to take chances with your reputation. 

Ease of Use

With the app, which can be easily downloaded from both Apple and Google Play app stores, you can schedule on-demand hair technicians right from your phone, making it quick and easy to build the team you need, when you need it. In addition to creating a booking request through the app, you can also select your preferred technicians, view your estimated charges, review final details like graft counts after the procedure, provide in-app signatures, and pay your balance via credit card. The easy-to-use app has been designed to help simplify and streamline the technicians scheduling process for physicians, so instead of getting lost in paperwork, you can focus on what matters most—your patients.

Unlock Top Growth Rewards

Making good choices to better build out your medical aesthetics and hair restoration business should come with rewards. Our Loyalty Program is designed to offer rewards and incentives to our loyal partners as encouragement to help us grow your business together with VERO Hair™. The more your clinic makes use of the VeroGrafters™ program, the more discounts and rewards you can unlock, including reduced pricing per graft and consumable purchases, national status recognition, and more. 

Ready to unlock your rewards with the VeroGrafters™ hair restoration technician program? Discover the benefits of our most advanced FUE hair restoration device yet, discover VERO Hair™ today and get started today by contacting an expert at the button below.

The VeroGrafters Program is not available in every jurisdiction where NeoGraft® and/or ARTAS® systems are sold. 

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