Go Big with New Marketing Assets for Valentine’s Day

Go Big with New Marketing Assets for Valentine’s Day

With the holidays behind us and the new year ahead, your customers are ready to get excited for the next event on the horizon. Valentine’s Day is a time for making big gestures. People are ready to make major steps and show their love — both for themselves and for others in their lives.

Valentine’s Day is an occasion for real indulgence. And that means it’s a great opportunity for patients to gift each other (and themselves) the treatments they’ve always wanted. And because Venus Concept is committed to high-quality non-invasive treatments, you can ensure that customers are able to start their treatment plans without worrying about long downtimes or discomfort.

To help your customers discover the right treatments for the most lovable results, we’ve put together a collection of customizable marketing materials for your clinic.

Use these ads in your treatment rooms, by the reception desk, and in the waiting room area to promote your services for Valentine’s Day.

You can also foray them into social media and other digital advertising for your practice. In the days and weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, it pays to make your unique clinical advertisements discoverable online, where people can easily see them and get ideas about the kind of gifts to share and gestures to make for the holiday.

This is especially effective if your clinic offers special Valentine’s Day deals or treatment packages. Promoting time-sensitive treatment packages — especially if they can deliver results in time for the big day — will help attract new customers to your practice, as well as rewarding your existing patients with the results they want at a reasonable rate. It can also help get them in the spirit of staying on the lookout for other themed offers and promotions from your practice.

This will better establish their long-term relationship with your aesthetics services and with your treatment providers; and after all, great relationships are what Valentine’s Day is all about!

Login to the Download Center now to view the full collection of Valentine’s Day marketing assets ready-made to start using in print and online. As always, each of these ads can be customized to include your clinic’s contact information and logo.

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