How Effective Pre- and Post-Treatment Care Can Boost Results

How Effective Pre- and Post-Treatment Care Can Boost Results

With so much information available online, many patients are seeking out aesthetic services they have set their minds on but many do not fully understand how their current skin health may dramatically alter their outcome. In fact, if your aesthetics clinic is not addressing skin health with each treatment plan, you’re doing your patients an injustice while dramatically limiting your clinic’s revenue potential. By incorporating effective pre- and post-treatment skin care services, specifically dermal rejuvenation treatments like Venus Glow™, your clinic can offer patients improved results when treated as part of a comprehensive aesthetics treatment package.

Improved Results with Skin Health Support

Non-invasive aesthetic treatments offer optimal results when skin health is at its best. Generally speaking, though, many patients seeking out aesthetic treatments are doing so because they feel at a loss; they are seeking a solution for declining skin health. The first step to effectively serving your aesthetics patients, then, is to prepare their skin so that it may reap the most benefits from an aesthetics treatment plan. Encouraging pre-treatment care that prepares the skin for treatment prior to the first session is ideal, particularly via a customized combination of dermal rejuvenation treatments and at-home skin care. In fact, customized pre- and post-treatment skin care can make a significant difference to the overall outcome of the patient’s treatment plan by preparing the skin to receive the benefits of an aesthetics procedure, encouraging healthy skin cell renewal and an optimal recovery.

In fact, skipping pre-treatment care could risk poor results and patient dissatisfaction in their treatment outcomes. Treating skin that has suffered from cumulative environmental stress, poor skin hydration, suboptimal lipid barrier function, or further damage resulting from a variety of lifestyle factors may cause added stress to the skin or lead to an inadequate response, as skin health may not be strong enough to recover from the aesthetic treatment. Instead, rebuilding skin health via a customized and holistic pre- and post-treatment care program that focuses on reparation can help to recover lipid barrier and fibroblast function for optimal efficacy.

A focused repair regimen should incorporate quality at-home skin care that is designed for pre- and post-treatment care and that complements the patient’s recommended treatment plan. Further, dermal rejuvenation treatments scheduled in advance of the first treatment session and between follow-up treatment sessions helps to restore skin hydration to support a healthy lipid barrier, remove dead skin and debris, and ensure skin is at its best to effectively repair itself post-treatment. In particular, the Venus Glow™ dermal rejuvenation facial aesthetics device features a tri-modality dermal system—including a vacuum, 360-degree rotating tip, and two jet streams of purified water—within one lightweight applicator. These three modalities work synergistically to gently suction, micro-massage, and cleanse the skin. The result is an improvement in skin tone, texture, elasticity, and hydration alongside the removal of blackheads and whiteheads, offering positive results even before the first aesthetic treatment session. Further, Venus Glow™ may also be used to enhance the effectiveness of post-treatment products for continued skin health support.

Increased Patient Loyalty and Retention for Long-Term Efficacy

Further to offering improved results, effective pre- and post-treatment care support can mean increased revenue and higher patient retention rates for your aesthetics clinic. Supporting and promoting pre- and post-treatment care as an intrinsic part of a holistic treatment plan shows the patient that you’re invested in their long-term results, rather than treating them with a one-and-done approach.

High-quality before-and-after photos can help to show the results that may be achieved with a comprehensive treatment plan. Offering transparency in the process, before-and-after photo collections that capture the appearance of skin prior to treatment, after pre-treatment care, and finally after post-treatment care may help to better show the process to new patients during the initial consultation.

For hesitant patients, particularly those who may balk at the higher cost of a treatment package that incorporates regular dermal rejuvenation treatments or high-quality skin care lines, suggesting pre-treatment care as a first course of action followed by an aesthetics treatment plan when they are ready may be a way to ease them into the process. This allows the patient to see the benefits of pre-treatment care while earning their trust before they sign on to a complete treatment plan. Using this method, you can show your patients that you hear their concerns, respect their constraints and reservations, and will work with them to find the perfect approach, earning you the patient’s trust and loyalty without risking a negative review if you were to push them to commit to a plan of which they were unsure. (Tip: The Skincare Pyramid, as well as the Skin Health and Beauty Pyramid™, are excellent resources for explaining tiered and long-term treatment plans to patients.)

For patients who agree to pre- and post-treatment care alongside a comprehensive treatment plan, scheduling in dermal rejuvenation treatments between aesthetics treatment sessions can improve communication between patient and physician. This allows treatment providers to check in on the patient’s concerns between sessions, improves long-term results, and boosts  patient retention and revenue for the clinic.

The First Step to Improving Pre- and Post-Treatment Care

Rather than simply opting to add a long list of skin care products and facial services to your clinic’s offerings, speak to your skin care or medical aesthetic device representative about a streamlined product and treatment offering that best complements your clinic’s services. By doing so, you can keep your services free of clutter while ensuring all your treatments work in tandem to achieve the best results possible.

For those interested in Venus Glow™ and Venus Skin™, simply click the contact button below to conveniently get in touch with an expert who will be able to offer more details on how your aesthetics services could benefit from these effective pre- and post-treatment care options.

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