How to Market Fat Reduction Treatments to Men

How to Market Fat Reduction Treatments to Men

The male aesthetics market is estimated to grow at a compound annual rate of 7.3% through 2024, with minimally-invasive treatments accounting for the majority (72%) of that growth. Fat reduction treatments remain popular, particularly those that focus in on the abdomen and flanks, where men experience the most difficulty losing excess weight with diet and fitness alone. With more than half of male consumers worldwide reporting that they consider their appearance to be important, there is certainly a larger market to be captured. Further still, while this market demographic may be comparatively small, direct competition in this area is similarly slim. All things considered, offering the right treatments that appeal to prospective male patients is just the first step—you’ll also need to gain their attention and trust.

Top Marketing Tips for Male Fat Reduction Treatments  

Emphasize Your Expertise

According to one study published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, a top factor in gaining attention and trust for male patients is how they perceive the aesthetic treatment provider’s knowledge and expertise. To encourage potential customers to reach out, yours and your staff’s qualifications, years of experience, and education should be emphasized in your marketing materials. Prospective patients do their research online but male patients most often focus on the clinic or who will be performing the treatments as compared to most female patients, with male patients placing more trust in an experienced provider’s recommendation.

Keep It Neutral

For many male patients, aesthetic clinics can seem to cater more to females. While creating a separate space for male patients that is typically mindful of masculine interests and aesthetics is an ideal workaround, space or budget constraints may not permit it for new or smaller clinics. For a more budget-friendly and neutral space, pay attention to the details particularly in your waiting room. Take details like patterns on throw pillows, color palettes, and reading materials into account. Focus on your in-clinic marketing materials, treatment videos, and before-and-after photos to ensure men are represented in these as well. Seeing themselves in these materials can increase their level of relatability and comfort level, and will improve trust.

Promote to their Partners

For heterosexual couples, partners who have already committed to a treatment plan in your clinic can be a key piece to your marketing puzzle for reaching more prospective male patients. For the most part, women often make toiletry or grooming purchases for their partners or gift new products that may expand their grooming regimen. If your female patients mention their partners, bring them up to speed on your clinic’s offerings for them and hand them a brochure. They will also be able to relay their in-clinic experience to their partners, ensuring smooth initial consultation stage. For clinics with healthy profit margins that are able to offer discounted rates, you may consider a promotional package for couples or a discount on her treatments when he commits to his own treatment plan.

Solidify Your SEO

Recent studies suggest natural search result rankings offer the greatest click-through rate as compared to pay-per-click, particularly among male consumers. Further still, if your clinic is able to capture one of those key three top spots in organic search results, you might expect an average 79% of click-throughs to your site compared to 21% for all other listings. For the most part, males who are beginning to get curious about fat reduction treatments or aesthetics are not yet aware of specific sites or directories they may reference, so a general online search is likely to be their first step. Ensure your clinic has a better chance of hitting those top organic search rankings by optimizing your website SEO for aesthetic treatments for men. Create a list of male-specific keywords and find ways to naturally incorporate these words and phrases into your website content, particularly your metadata. Consider creating a separate page for the treatments you offer that would be ideal for male patients, and create content that can appeal to and educate that specific demographic. Putting in the detailed work can have a significant impact in gathering new leads and establishing your clinic as the go-to authority in your area for fat reduction treatments for men.

Extend Keywords to Your Services Menu

While some online search terms won’t easily lead them to a services menu, re-considering how you market your fat reduction treatments for men can have a significant effect on perception. Consider word choices like “fit” or “firm” that typically appeal to a more masculine market. These patients also tend to be interested in the technology a little more, so mentioning the core treatment modality such as “laser” may be of benefit. While you should ensure you’re following all regional, state, and federal regulations in how you advertise your aesthetic treatments for men, a service like “Laser Fat Reduction For Men” might have more appeal to your prospective male patients. Get creative and see what works within the context of your clinic and existing treatment services menu. Of course, men also feel pressured to conform to certain stereotypes, so being sensitive to this issue and properly screening patients on their expectations and personal motivations is imperative.

Involve Your Staff

While you don’t want to let go of knowledgeable staff who have built relationships with current patients simply to fill in a gap, it’s worth taking a look at your personnel to see where you might be able to build out further support for male patients. Taking that extra step to incorporate male staff can show prospective patients that they are part of the overall business model and not an afterthought.

Do Your Research

If you’ve made significant steps in your marketing efforts for male aesthetic treatments and still feel you aren’t making headway, conduct a little research. Your most valuable source is your existing male patient base or those who come for a consultation but don’t commit to a treatment plan. Reach out to these contacts with a survey. While some may not reply, you could gather valuable information from those who do want to offer some feedback. Research can shed some light on the areas in which your clinic could use a little improvement or help to highlight what aspects are working, so could might double-down on those efforts for a stronger overall result.  

Further, researching the most popular aesthetic goals among male patients can help to better inform you on how your clinic can build a services menu that appeals specifically to male patients. Fat reduction treatments are a key entry point for them from which they may be more comfortable to seek out additional treatments, such as hair removal or hair restoration. Further, one study suggests that most male patients who commit to a treatment or say they are open to cosmetic treatments report that cost and time are major factors in their decision. Considering this research, a non-invasive lipolysis treatment like Venus Bliss™ may be an ideal solution.

The Benefits of Marketing Venus Bliss™ to Prospective Male Patients

A comprehensive solution for the fat reduction category, Venus Bliss™ enables clinics to access two effective technologies in one medical aesthetic device to deliver in-demand non-invasive lipolysis treatments resulting in fat reduction on the abdomen and flanks—two areas in which male patients typically carry more stubborn fat. The Venus Bliss™ 1064 nm diode laser applicators induce lipolysis by delivering energy deep into the adipose tissue layer where thermal energy is created and kickstarts apoptotic processes. Adipocytes (fat cells) release stored triglycerides, causing some to shrink and others to destruct completely. Leftover cellular debris is processed by the body through the lymphatic system. Venus Bliss™ also includes an (MP)2applicator with VariPulse™ technology for skin tightening* and circumferential reduction* for a more contoured look, while reducing the appearance of cellulite on other areas of the body. Having both types of applicators in one device offers a more effective treatment solution to patients looking for excellent results. Male or female, fat reduction does not address loose skin, so making sure that the skin is firmer and tighter will also increase reduction in circumference of the treated area. With no downtime required, a comparatively lower cost, and no usage fees per treatment (meaning better profit margins for your clinic), Venus Bliss™ appeals to two of the top motivating factors for prospective male patients by delivering the customized treatment they want while ensuring your clinic has the tools to succeed.

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*Indications approved outside of the U.S.

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