NeoGraft® Launches New Loyalty Program For Physician Partners

NeoGraft® Launches New Loyalty Program For Physician Partners

NeoGraft®, a divison of Venus Concept and an innovative global leader in precision Folliuclar Unit Extraction (FUE) hair restoration technology, has announced the launch of the new NeoGraft® Loyalty Program, which is yet another value-added element designed to recognize and reward physician partners who utilize our certified VeroGrafters™ technicians for their procedures. 

“It’s important our customers understand and trust that we are here to help them succeed with our technology,” said David Bays, Vice President of Business Development for Venus Concept, Ltd., the parent company for NeoGraft®. “By working with our exclusive group of highly skilled, certified VeroGrafters™ technicians and nurses, which they can book through our newly released app, our providers can ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved for their patients. As our providers book more procedures with us, they will be eligible for tiered discounts as they elevate through the loyalty program,” Bays continued. 

The NeoGraft® Loyalty Program will consist of six tiers ranging from our entry-level partners to our ultra-exclusive Diamond Providers. In addition to volume discounts on grafts, providers will also receive plaques, window badges, and acknowledgement of their loyalty status on for patients to see. Select Diamond Providers will be also eligible for a yearly Presidents Club trip to an exclusive location. 

Jack Fisher, MD, Chief Medical Officer of NeoGraft® and a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Specialists, had this to say about the new Loyalty Program: “We are excited to offer our physician partners benefits for their commitment to providing the best quality, state-of-the-art hair restoration for their patients. The entire team at NeoGraft® supports these efforts and wants our partners to benefit from them.”

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The VeroGrafters™ Program is not available in every jurisdiction where NeoGraft systems are sold.

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