Robotic and AI Technology in Medical Aesthetics

Robotic and AI Technology in Medical Aesthetics

Medical aesthetics have come a long way in recent years. The procedures and results of yesteryear are a far cry from what is possible today, particularly with the significant advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) in the medical and aesthetic fields. So far, natural-looking, effective results for hair transplantation procedures are well-proven with robotic and AI technologies. But what you’re likely wondering is: how can a robotic and AI-assisted hair restoration system, such as ARTAS iX™, benefit your medical aesthetics business?

The Modern Hair Transplantation Procedure: Robotics and AI Technology

With 1.2 billion men experiencing some form of hair loss around the globe and with the hair restoration market expected to surpass the $31 billion value mark by 2025, there are certainly lucrative business opportunities in the field. Of these 1.2 billion men experiencing hair loss, 29 million are seeking a solution and 9.7 million are looking to the ARTAS iX™ procedure. What is piquing their interest? Advanced technology and natural-looking results that are further customized and optimized with the assistance of the ARTAS iX™ robotic and AI technologies.   

ARTAS iX™ is a proprietary, patented, and FDA-cleared robotic hair restoration system that looks quite impressive to today’s tech-interested patients—but this demand is just the beginning of the key benefits this system offers. Featuring advanced AI capabilities/algorithms, an advanced multi-camera stereoscopic vision system with 44-micron resolution, and a 7-axis Kuka robotic arm, ARTAS iX™ delivers unmatched intelligence, precision, repeatability, and clinical efficiency.

How ARTAS iX™ and Robotics Can Enhance Your Hair Restoration Practice

Advanced technological features, including robotics and AI technology, make the ARTAS iX™ system a significant advantage to your medical aesthetics clinic, especially if you are an experienced hair restoration surgeon and would like to distinguish your practice as the top-tier provider (OR elevate your practice to the next level).

Precision and Control

The unique ARTAS iX™ harvesting system uses advanced image-guided robotics that precisely dissect follicular units thousands of times per session using intuitive controls and intelligent algorithms that select and harvest the patient’s donor hair for transplant. The 7-axis arm offers dexterity and ease of movement with 0.1mm repeatability for the most effective angles for analyzing, extracting, and implanting follicles. With force and torque sensors in each joint, operators like yourself are able to monitor the machine and control these metrics for a more customized treatment for your patients that does not sacrifice precision for comfort. The ARTAS iX™ device allows you to collaborate with robotics and AI technology to achieve safe, effective, and customized outcomes every time.


The ARTAS iX™ system’s AI technology records patterns and adjustments you’ve made in past procedures to continuously learn and improve for a more streamlined treatment with each procedure. The system’s field of vision is capable of monitoring the position and orientation of hairs at a speed of 60 times per second, while recognizing and identifying key features and adjusting for patient movement. Finally, simultaneous and intelligent recipient site-making and implantation creates procedural efficiencies, while reducing trauma to hair follicles and surrounding tissue for optimal outcomes.


With the help of AI technology, the ARTAS iX™ system is able to intelligently analyze and select appropriate grafts from the donor area without the risk of linear scarring or over-harvesting. It also intelligently implants donor follicles in a pattern, density, and angle for optimal distribution while preventing trauma. This ensures the most natural-looking results while minimizing the likelihood of errors that could risk negative results. With machine learning on the device, outcomes are consistent, and robotics-assisted harvesting and implantation offers a high yield of usable follicles for a natural-looking appearance in both the donor site and the implantation area.

Robotics, ARTAS iX™, and Your Clinic’s Success: The Bottom Line

In all, the ARTAS iX™ robotic hair restoration system offers five key benefits for you, the operator, and your medical aesthetics clinic:

  1. Attract prospective patients through differentiation—advanced robotics and AI technology
  2. Advanced operational features save your clinic time and effort with each procedure
  3. Streamlined process and customizable cost of disposables make the ARTAS iX™ a highly profitable procedure
  4. Robotics and AI-assisted technology maximize precision and repeatability of each procedure, while continuously evolving and improving outcomes
  5. Repeatable results that help to credit your clinic, build brand recognition, and establish an impressive high-quality before-and-after photo gallery

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