The 5 Aesthetics Patients You Meet Over the Holidays

The 5 Aesthetics Patients You Meet Over the Holidays

Winter weather may have rolled around, but the holidays are always hot in the world of aesthetic medicine. This is a time when new aesthetics consumers are looking for something to make them feel luxurious, to boost their confidence, and to make a splash at events with friends and family. It also means that you’ll be seeing some new faces this time of year.

This might be a busy time, but don’t be fazed by the holidays! We have exclusive marketing materials that are specially made to help you succeed. And to help you handle the kind of customers that pop up throughout the festive season, here’s a quick guide to the 5 aesthetics patients you’ll meet over the holidays.

5. The Frequent Flyer

You will never see this person between November and March. The second they smell snow in the air, their bags are packed and their flight is booked. This patient is perpetually searching for the perfect beach getaway, and the perfect beach body to match. Make sure you’re prepared to offer them hair removal that’s safe for tanned skin, and remind them to use adequate sun protection—but make sure you able to help them out in case they go overboard on the rays.

4. The Shopaholic

This patient has either had their appointment scheduled for weeks, or showed up and was miraculously seen right away. They don’t even know what they want, just that they want something. This patient has potential to be your practice’s new best friend and your new favorite customer—so long as you can figure out what they want and how to get them there. Everything comes down to that first patient consultation. The challenge with this patient is getting them to commit to a treatment plan and stay focused long enough to see results. If it all works out, you’ll both be thrilled with the results.

3. Santa Claus

They’ve been working hard all year long, and this is their first real time off in months. Maybe they’re a new parent, or the rock of the family who’s always had to make a habit of putting others first; maybe their job keeps them up late on weekdays and stressed out on weekends. Whatever the reason, this is their chance to give themselves a gift that’s just for them. Every patient deserves to feel special, and there’s no better time to treat yourself than the holidays. Your clinic should be a stress-free oasis this time of year, starting with the check-in experience. So listen closely, build them up, and ensure that they feel right at home—if this is the gift they’re giving themselves, then make it the best gift they’ve ever received.

2. The Naughty-but-Nice

This person has never had an aesthetic treatment before, but according to them, they’re an expert. They came in with a specific idea in their heads, and they refuse to adjust their expectations. But before writing this patient off, put yourself in their shoes. Most of the time, this behavior is just a defense mechanism in order to hide their insecurities or uncertainties. If you can show them that you’re both caring and qualified, they’ll let their guard down enough for you to help them understand what a treatment entails. Make sure they’re comfortable, and they’re bound to be more willing to trust your expertise and adjust their expectations.

1. Making a List and Checking It Twice

The paragon of holiday aesthetics patients. This person has been planning on this treatment since last year’s New Year’s Eve. They read every review, checked every reference, and they know exactly what to expect. They’ve done their research and came prepared—all you have to do is give them what they want.

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