Why the Venus Concept Business Model Is a Power Player

Why the Venus Concept Business Model Is a Power Player

Decades of experience and business savvy are ideal characteristics for any potential partner you would want to collaborate with. Particularly for physicians, who have to make large capital investments in their practices, having a power player like Venus Concept to support your clinic amplifies your ROI.

Venus Concept has been leading the way with its innovative treatments and practice management tools, delivering benefits from the company’s insight of what works – and what can work better in the future.

Dr. Michael Gold of The Gold Skincare Center in Tennessee counts the Venus Legacy system as one of the leading, most-profitable machines in his clinic. “I judge a machine and the treatments on how the patient responds. I have over 45 energy-based devices in my clinic, “ he says. Based on his experience, the Venus Legacy operates from open-to-close to fulfill the demand patients have for it.

“If you have a good experience, you’re going to tell your friends,” he says. “We don’t have to do a lot of advertising, it sells itself.”

Perhaps what is most exciting is that the Venus Legacy addresses the three key factors that Dr. Gold and other physicians seek in non-invasive treatments:

“A. It works. B. The patient satisfaction is really high. C. The side effect profile is minimal,” explains Dr. Gold. Venus Legacy is ultimately “safe, painless, a minimally invasive treatment that gives us the results we’re looking for.”

The Venus Legacy, for example, is praised for its ability to deliver maximum energy while maintaining a comfortable patient experience – combating cellulite and working wonders on body contouring. “If you do a treatment that hurts, and it’s the best thing in the world, but it’s so painful – they’re not going to tell their friends, and they’re not going to come back if they need more treatments,” explains Dr. Gold of how critical it is to have a safe, painless yet powerfully effective treatment for patients.

As President and CEO of Venus Concept, Domenic Serafino has been in theindustry for 22 years. He echoes Dr. Gold’s take on doctors and clinics benefitting from Venus Concept’s extensive support and capabilities.

“Physicians are science-based people, they’re not business-oriented people. For those who are able to provide a solution that’s not only a technology but also a solution of how to bring patients to the clinic, how to manage those patients, how to help your staff be efficient within your clinic – that’s the most important thing a company can do today,” he says.

Mr. Serafino goes on to explain how this business model works for Venus Concept:

“We’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is, so we aligned ourselves with physicians essentially building a subscription-based business which offers doctors cash flow so they don’t tie up their personal cash they need for running their practise by using our technologies. Consequently we provide them enough support to ensure that they’re successful.”

If you consider that clinics may have to replace machines upwards of $100,000 in value every 18 months, having access to Venus Concept’s subscription-based solution can be a great way to get the ball rolling. Additionally, Venus Concept offers extra support including anything from marketing consultation to social media strategy.

“Doctors are working with a company that says ‘Ok, what do you need to learn, Doctor X?’” says Dr. Gold of The Gold Skincare Center. Perhaps it is social media support, or knowing how to get on Facebook or properly leverage Instagram. “These are tools most of us don’t use,” he admits.

This ability to get Venus Concept’s guidance and support to reach prospects and build clients is what separates the company according to Dr. Gold. “We have a business model that works.”

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