10 Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies & Ideas

10 Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies & Ideas

In today’s competitive plastic surgery market, it’s more important than ever for clinics to find ways to stand out—which is exactly what cosmetic surgery marketing is designed to help you do. From connecting with prospects on social media to hosting VIP events, there are lots of ways to use marketing to build your business. Through smart plastic surgery marketing, you can distinguish your practice and attract more clients. 

Best Cosmetic Clinic Marketing Ideas

Interested in learning more about how marketing can help with patient lead generation for your plastic surgery practice? Wondering where to start? There are lots of creative marketing ideas available

To offer some inspiration, here are 10 effective plastic surgery marketing strategies worth considering:

1. Get on Social Media

There’s a good reason social media continues to be popular among businesses and health care facilities: it’s a place where consumers spend a great deal of time. Did you know that more than half of the world’s global population uses social media and that the average user spends two full hours on social media each day? That’s an opportunity you can’t ignore. Through the right strategies—from honest content to sponsored posts—there’s a lot you can do to improve your plastic surgery social media marketing metrics.

2. Know How to Use Social Media 

Not just in the aesthetics world but across industries, companies can make the mistake of setting up social media accounts without intention. To help you avoid this, here are some key social media ideas for plastic surgery marketing:

  • Set clear goals. Why are you on social media? Maybe you need to generate more leads for your practice. Perhaps you’re looking to be a resource in the industry. Different goals dictate different behavior, so establish your objective up front.
  • Start small. It’s perfectly fine to pick one platform and focus your marketing efforts there. As a plastic surgery office, you will likely want a visually focused network, such as Instagram or Pinterest.
  • Look good. Especially in the aesthetics industry, appearances matter. Social media is a great place to showcase your image, so keep all your branding consistent and use the best photographs possible. 

For more ideas, check out our post about the building blocks of good social media marketing.

3. Be Ready to Adapt to Cultural Changes 

Especially in an aesthetic field, it’s vital to pay attention to changing times and adapt your messaging accordingly. Did your area just experience a natural disaster? Is a global pandemic on the forefront of everyone’s mind? Changing times call for changing messages. If you don’t adjust to the new normal around you, you’re likely to be perceived as tone-deaf to your audience.

4. Run Summer-Specific Marketing Campaigns

The warmer months naturally draw more interest in cosmetic treatments, so summer is a perfect time for you to capture the interest of a ripe and ready audience. Each year, create season-specific marketing materials for your front desk, waiting area, website, social media, etc. Then, to seal the deal, offer a discounted rate or other incentive to get people to commit. For more ideas, check out our article about building summer marketing campaigns.

5. Run VIP Events

Marketing isn’t only about drawing new clients; it’s about engaging with the ones you already have. One great way to do that is with VIP events and promotional celebrations. While events may feel more short-term than bigger-picture efforts, they work well to build customer-practitioner relationships and keep you front and center in your clients’ minds. Plus, the best marketing campaigns combine short- and long-term strategies.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Small

Many plastic surgery practices would be surprised to learn they need a marketing make-under, not a makeover. The idea is to cut through the noise and wasted energy in your marketing efforts to focus on what’s most effective: Do more by doing less. Read about how to do your own marketing make-under here.

7. But Also Know Where to Go Big

One place where it pays to go big is with wall art. Bold signage can make a strong impression on your audience, especially when it’s well-designed and features attention-grabbing graphics.

8. Use Promotional Items 

Little promo items—such as sticky note pads or branded coffee cups—do more than act as great giveaways; they reinforce your branding to everyone who uses them. There are lots of freebies to consider, but always make sure they include your clinic’s name, phone number, and website.

9. Consider Sponsored Posts 

Working with social media influencers can potentially get your clinic in front of a larger, more engaged audience than you could reach on your own. Look for influencers who fit your branding and regularly post content in line with what you offer, then see if you can find someone who’s willing to work with you. Find more ideas for digital engagement here.

10. Test and Collect Data on Strategies 

Whatever marketing strategies you implement, try to devote at least 10% of your budget toward testing new ideas and measuring results. Learning from data collection can empower you to make smarter decisions and use your marketing efforts more effectively.

As the above ideas demonstrate, there are lots of possibilities for using marketing to build your practice—especially if they’re used alongside quality service with state-of-the-art procedures and techniques.

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