3 Marketing Ideas to Attract New Patients Right Now


Increasing foot traffic in your medical aesthetics clinic may not be as complicated as it’s made out to be. Long-term marketing plans are the ideal, but you can get your medical aesthetics clinic on the right path by taking just a simple step toward a structured marketing strategy in this week alone. Consider these three marketing strategies to draw more attention to your medical aesthetics clinic, increase consultation bookings, and boost your conversion rate starting this week.

Get Social

Go where your target clients are. According to a 2016 survey, 25% of consumers report purchasing items they saw on social media, so meet prospective patients there. With most social media platforms costing little to nothing to use (most just charging for promoted posts), it’s easy to get your social media campaign up and running in just a week. 

Start by creating profiles on the platforms your target clients most often use. If you’re unsure, create a profile on the top platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest—and monitor each for engagement to see where you’re seeing the best results. Outsource the role if a staff member is unable to take on this responsibility long-term. Consider taking on a freelancer or third-party specializing in social media to create drafts for your posts, and have a staff member review and edit the content internally to ensure each post is accurate and on-brand. When scheduling content, aim for the 80/20 rule, with 80% of posts focusing on educating and defining your brand, and 20% pitching services and current promotions. Focus on quality over quantity and ensure that either you or a team member responds to followers’ comments to encourage further engagement.

Opt in to Email Marketing

For medical aesthetic clinics targeting growth among millennial patients especially, email marketing may be the best step to drawing in new patients. In fact, email marketing can be more effective than social media marketing to reach millennials with an average 61% open rate on mobile versus just 30% of Instagram posts being seen by your followers.

To implement an email marketing strategy this week, start by offering an incentive for prospective patients to opt in to your email list. Consider a free beauty tip sheet or promotional codes. Once subscribers sign up, send a well-crafted welcome email. On average, small to medium-sized businesses report that approximately 320% of total revenue comes from the very first email sent to new subscribers than follow-up promotional emails, making your welcome email the most important one. Take the time to strategically plan this communication to ensure patients receive significant value for providing their email address.

For best results, stay far away from common spam filter trigger words, set your welcome email deployment time to immediate (rather than delayed in batches), and consider adding an emoji to your welcome email subject line if it feels appropriate for your brand strategy—brands who used emojis in subject lines saw a 56% higher open rate. Finally, utilize this email list for more than just sales. Though 26% of small to medium-sized businesses use their email marketing list for promoting sales, only 7% recognize it a tool with potential for brand building. Sending too many pitches to prospective patients may lead to more unsubscribes than appointments, so try to balance promotional emails with content that promotes your brand and offers value to subscribers.

Push Promotions

Offering incentives to get new patients in the door can be a beneficial short-term strategy that can mean improved numbers for your medical aesthetics clinic long-term. But offering promotions doesn’t mean you have to slash prices to entice just any patient. When creating new promotions, consider your ideal patient and their values. What benefit could you offer your ideal patient to get them in the door tomorrow? For mature professionals with tight schedules, perhaps offering bundled packages appropriate to the season that offer a simple, holistic approach to body shaping, cellulite reduction, or hair removal treatments as the simple solution these prospective patients are after.

Likewise, if your medical aesthetics clinic looking to boost its online presence, consider offering a small discount for patients who publish honest reviews online. Email marketing can be the simple way to spread the word to past patients as well, offering an easy access link to the review site to further entice patients. Get creative and design promotions that align with your clinic’s brand marketing strategy for best success.

While these are three simple marketing strategies your medical aesthetics clinic can implement this week to boost traffic and fill up your appointment calendar, a long-term marketing strategy is always the best choice. Discover the benefits of partnering with Venus Concept with our dedicated in-house marketing support team and ongoing practice enhancement programs. Contact us today to learn more. 

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