3 Ways to Build Value Throughout Your Aesthetic Career


As a medical aesthetics provider, one of the most important decisions you make is how you want to practice. Will you open an office of your own? Or will you join an existing practice either as an employee or partner?

Determining the ideal direction for your aesthetic career means making choices about the kind of aesthetic services you’ll offer, the kind of practice you want to work with, and how you can build value throughout your career.

Wondering how to add value to your aesthetics practice? These three essential strategies are guaranteed to help you start strong and maintain momentum.

1. Opt for Technology that Grows with You

The devices you select for your practice will determine your treatment offerings, so the right technology can make a world of difference. Older devices with lengthy contracts may indicate limited growth opportunities at a practice. If you’re starting out on your own, or expanding within an existing practice, opt for innovative, cutting-edge devices from manufacturers that can offer flexible financing options that won’t unduly tie up your practice’s revenues.

Aesthetic consumers tend to think of treatments in commodity terms, and are interested in as little stress and discomfort as possible. When selecting equipment, find out which treatments are in highest demand, and look for technology that can deliver them with a high degree of safety and comfort for the patient.

2. Develop Strong Patient Rapport

Put simply, the more your patients like you, the harder you are to let go. Demonstrating strong customer connections will help you stand out as an aesthetic provider, and allow you to build a client base that can move with you across your career.

Patients who feel listened to, cared for, and satisfied are likely to act as “ambassadors” for you and your work. Each aesthetic consultation is a perfect opportunity to improve this patient-provider relationship, so it pays to learn everything you can to successfully handle this important process.

3. Embrace Ongoing Training

In a practical sense, your ability to perform highly sought-after or profitable treatments is a statement to your value as an aesthetic provider. Continual professional development in the form of ongoing clinical training and up-to-date treatment techniques, as well as boosting your practical business acumen, will serve you well both as an employee and as a potential practice owner. Knowing what you contribute to a practice can help justify requests for expanded roles or higher rates. It may also help to illuminate where you have room to grow as an employee, and whether or not you’re ready to go it on your own.

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