5 Steps to Reopening Your Medical Aesthetic Practice


As the world begins to recover, medical aesthetics clinics are now being given the green light to reopen. This news may come as a relief, but along with excitement, you may be feeling that your business faces an uphill battle when it comes to opening the doors again. While there are certainly challenges ahead, there are also plenty of reasons to be optimistic as the economy begins to recover. Now that your clients are free to return to their aesthetic treatment plans, it’s time for your clinic to get back to business. Here are some steps to consider in ensuring that your reopening goes smoothly:

Be Prepared 

You’ve likely already been in communication with your local public health authority during this time of uncertainty. New health regulations differ by region, so stay in touch with them to find out what procedures your clinic must follow to reopen safely. These may include screening clients and staff for fever, maintaining social distancing, and other protocols designed to minimize the spread of infection. Make sure your clinic is sufficiently stocked with Personal Protective Equipment and that you and your staff have a plan in place for following the new regulations.

Spread the Word 

Now that you’re reopening your clinic, you’ll want to inform your clients and potential customers. Hopefully you’ve already built a robust online presence for your business, and have implemented some of our best marketing advice. Take advantage of your social media following and your mailing list by posting and sending regular updates about your reopening schedule, specials on treatments, and a call to action prompting your audience to book an appointment. 

Communication is Key

Remember, although your clients are probably excited to resume their aesthetic treatments, they may also have concerns about business going back to usual and the risks surrounding COVID-19. Reassure them by telling them, in detail, what your clinic is doing to keep them safe when they return to their appointments. Feel free to get technical here. Are you taking special steps to sanitize each treatment room between clients? Have you installed a new air filtration system to mitigate the risk of airborne viruses? Let your clients know—it will go a long way toward giving them enough peace of mind to return to your clinic as soon as possible.

Start Slow

Instead of reopening at full capacity, you may choose to reintroduce treatments and services gradually. Many businesses are opening with reduced hours to allow for the time needed to comply with more rigorous cleaning requirements. Keep in mind that due to the new regulations, your clinic may only be able to accept a smaller number of clients onto the premises than usual. This is essential for the health and safety of both your staff and your customers, but it does mean doing less business overall—for the time being. You can offset the loss by only offering your most popular treatments at first, then gradually adding new ones to the list of available services as the restrictions lift and you are able to serve more clients.

Customer Care Comes First

Be prepared to answer lots of questions. Due to the events of the past few months, your clients may have changed their aesthetics goals, or have pressing concerns as to their own safety in a medical environment. Being available and ready to answer these is the best thing you can do to keep customer loyalty. In terms of marketing, there has been a shift toward customers putting the quality of their experience over instant gratification, and valuing community building and human connection over personal gratification. Keep this in mind while you re-establish your relationship with your existing customers, and reach out to new ones.

Venus Concept is Here to Support Your Business

As a leader in the global medical aesthetic industry, we’ve ushered our partner clinics through uncertain times before. Our comprehensive benefits and services were created to ensure that medical aesthetics clinics like yours can reopen with confidence and thrive despite the current challenges we are all facing. Venus Concept’s post-sales support teams ensures that your marketing, technical, and clinical bases are covered—so that you can continue to grow and promote your business as you reopen. See our recent webinar on how to restart your clinic after COVID-19

We’re here for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help support your practice.

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