5 Ways To Stay Relevant To Patients In Uncertain Times

5 Ways To Stay Relevant To Patients In Uncertain Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown normal life out the window for the time being. Shelter-in-place orders and social distancing have put a temporary hold on many of the conveniences and activities we all probably took for granted just a few months ago.

For aestheticians and other medical clinics, waiting rooms and offices are most likely empty. When the world recovers, however, it might not be as simple as hanging the “open” sign on the door. Understandably, it may be difficult for providers to reconnect with clients and resume business as usual when the crisis finally ends.

To better ensure that your clinic doesn’t experience this problem, you need a strategy to remain relevant to patients. If you can engage with them successfully—even as your doors remain closed—you stand a much better chance of rebounding once they open.

Here are some tips to help your practice stay at the forefront of clients’ minds—even when they can’t visit your offices.

1. Take Advantage of the Time 

Just because people can’t come to your office doesn’t mean you have to twiddle your thumbs through the pandemic. This could be the golden opportunity you’ve needed to streamline and optimize your online presence.

Add content to your site that will mean something to your audience—whether it’s videos, podcasts, or blogs. Continue to use social media and maintain the dialogue you have with the public.

2. Create a Response Plan

Your patients will have questions, and it’s crucial to have answers for them. Whether they ask by calling on the phone, sending emails, or searching your website, you need to make sure they can find the information they seek.

Keep your team of representatives in the loop so they can react quickly to any inquiries. Be sure to incorporate seasonality to help content stay timely and fresh. Messaging should be honest and authentic. A canned statement won’t do much to allay concerns and could leave your audience feeling cold.

3. Reassess Your Marketing

We’re all looking for ways to feel like we did before COVID-19 struck, but that shouldn’t extend to leaving your marketing on autopilot. Take this time to re-evaluate any automated email or social media campaigns you may have established before the pandemic. The last thing you want is for patients to get a reminder about previously scheduled events or promotions that have since been scuttled.

Likewise, what was a fun and lighthearted post a few months ago might seem tone-deaf and insensitive under the current circumstances. Also, be careful to watch the volume of marketing you send. Blasting contacts with emails during a time like this can have the opposite effect from the one you want.

4. Emphasize Engagement

You want to be able to hit the ground running when the world reopens. That means having a solid core of customers and prospects who are fully engaged and ready to make an appointment as soon as they can. There are numerous creative ways to build excitement among your contact list—including hosting webinars, instituting a rewards program, and holding giveaways.

5. Be Ready to Reopen

No matter how long the COVID-19 shutdown lasts, it will end eventually. When it does, make sure you’re ready for it. Creating a marketing campaign focused on engagement is a big part of this solution, but be prepared to boost activity levels in the short term so you can build momentum.

Don’t allow operations to stagnate—incorporate as many innovations as you can right now so your value proposition is that much stronger when the lockdowns lift. Offer bundled services and rewards programs to attract clients.

Adopt telemedicine to help those who may be too nervous to venture out of the house right away. Make sure public-facing employees are ready to jump back into the swing of things and deliver exceptional service. 

Next Steps

These are difficult times for everyone, but reaching the light at the end of the tunnel may happen sooner than you think. When we do, those who are prepared will have the best chance of finding success in the post-COVID-19 world. If you are looking for support on how to reopen your clinic, contact us today by using the contact button below. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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