6 Aesthetics Patients You’ll Meet This Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is often a busy time of the year for local businesses, as consumers rush to find the perfect gift for their beloved parent. Your aesthetics practice is no exception. With the right marketing strategy and the successful launch of a targeted campaign, chances are you’ll have an influx of new patients seeking customized treatments that complement the lifestyles of busy mothers. Be better prepared with this quick guide to the six aesthetics patients you may meet this Mother’s Day.

The Sports Mom

This mom has been routinely chauffeuring her children to and from after-school sports practices and tournaments, and is the most vocal fan in the stands. She’s probably never missed a game and may even have been an avid player herself when she was young. With all the time she spends outdoors, she’s likely an ideal patient for photorejuvenation treatments to help her deal with the damage of continued sun exposure in the form of sun spots and discoloration.

The Documentary Mom

Every moment is precious to this mom; she’s vowed to record her children’s every move and document it on social media. She is always the one requesting group photos at restaurants and constantly taking pictures with her family. To help her look her best in every shot, suggest a speedy total facial rejuvenation treatment that can improve her skin texture, tone, and tightness simultaneously in one treatment session.

The Best-Dressed Mom

No matter what the occasion may be, this mom is always dressed to the nines. She has the trendiest clothes and accessories, and you will likely never see her in oversized sweats or sneakers. Chances are she looks after her body and treats it well. To help her look her best in every outfit, be prepared with quick and easy radio frequency-powered body contouring treatments to help firm up and tone her figure.

The City Mom

This mom spends most of her time in the hustle and bustle of city streets. With over 90% of the world’s population living in urban centers that fall below recommended air quality standards, many women will find themselves in this category. These moms probably don’t even realize how much of an impact the heavy pollution in the city air is having on their skin, which is why they’re in need of an effective cleansing regimen that can rid skin of daily dirt and debris, along with other impurities. A dermal rejuvenation treatment will work wonders for opening up and deep-cleaning her pores, leaving her with a radiant, healthy-looking complexion.

The PTA Mom

She is the most active mom on the PTA, organizing the next school fundraiser and heading up every meeting. Along with a family and maybe even a full-time job, she has a lot to juggle in the limited 24-hour day. Help her out with soothing, non-invasive wrinkle reduction treatments to slow down the effect of time on her skin. These RF-based treatments are comfortable, relaxing even, which also makes them a well-deserved break from her packed schedule. 

Not every mom is going to fall into one of these categories, but every mom is unique and has different needs. Regardless of who they are or where they come from, all moms have one thing in common: they are all busy and don’t take days off. Be better equipped with comfortable, non-invasive treatments with little to no downtime, so you can provide the results they want while also enabling them to get back to their routine faster. With Venus Concept’s range of devices, there’s something for everyone.

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