8 Summer Spa Promotion Ideas

8 Summer Spa Promotion Ideas

Summer means warm weather and sun-kissed skin. This is the time of year when clients add beach days, weddings, vacations, outdoor parties, and other fun activities to their schedules. It’s also when we want to feel our most radiant self. However, as more focus is placed on the body during these months, people often feel more self-conscious. 

Fortunately, you can help ease your clients’ anxieties by offering the best summer spa promotions. Not only could this help bring clients into your spa all season long, but it’ll also keep your business top of mind. Read on to learn about eight summer spa promotion ideas that you can offer at your practice this season. 

1. Host a Summer Retreat

If clients can’t travel to tropical places this summer, give them an alternative by escaping to your relaxing retreat. Perhaps pick your slowest day of the week and turn it into this marketable event to help make slow summertime hours more profitable. Promote the “staycation” to clients via the power of social media

Clients can sign up for your one-day retreat on a first come, first serve basis. They can receive several rejuvenation treatments that focus on their well-being and skin, including facials and massages. You can even incorporate summer-themed products into these treatments.

2. Run Seasonal Social Media Campaigns

What better way is there to get the word out about your spa than through a social media strategy? Running social media campaigns can help expand your audience and drive traffic to your practice. Be sure to design attractive campaigns that promote your business and summer services. Additionally, respond to reviews and interact with clients online, as this can help build more personal connections. Be sure to respond to the good and bad comments.

3. Extend Special Offers

Create special summer-themed offers that include skin exfoliation, moisturizing treatments, and skin-brightening treatments—promote these as add-ons. For example, when a client comes in for a service, you can add these summer specials on to their regular appointment. You can also invite clients to pre-book add-ons through social media and email. Be sure to extend these offers throughout the summer months.

4. Add Summer-Themed Products to Your Lineup 

Expand your product inventory to include summer-themed items, including sunscreen, after-sun lotions,  SPF lip-balms, and more. Adding a few products or even a new line to your inventory may help you attract new target audiences. 

For example, we all love a sun-kissed glow, but extended UV exposure often comes with skin damage. As an alternative, consider offering self-tanning lotions or sprays. You can even offer a spray tanning service to clients who love a good sunless tan. Be sure to educate them on how to keep their skin healthy this summer with the right products, too.

5. Offer Unique Summer Packages

If you can’t add new treatments to your spa menu, consider offering unique summer packages. For example, you can pair a popular service with one that might not be as popular during the summer months. This could help you drive sales to all your service offerings. You could even pair all your services that perform well during the season to create one ideal summer package. 

Be sure to make these packages summer-oriented by highlighting the beauty of the season. Don’t forget to promote the fact that these offers will only last for the summer months, this may help boost customer traffic to your spa.

6. Giveaway Summer Goodie Bags

Giving away freebies can keep your practice top of mind. Create summer goodie bags with sample products, a company pen, and perhaps a coupon for a discount on one summer treatment. Offer them to long-time clients as well as prospective ones, as this can help boost brand awareness and customer retention.

7. Cater to Summer Brides 

Summer is a popular time for weddings, and it may be a good idea to offer pre-bridal treatments. They may have the dress, and are now seeking the flawless complexion. As such, you can promote skin treatments and facials to boost your clients’ glow.

8. Create To-Go Summer Gifts 

Put together summer gift baskets or other pre-packaged assortments that clients can purchase for themselves or as gifts for friends, family, and co-workers. For instance, you can create a summer vacation kit with travel-size products—perfect for clients to take with them on vacation. Offer these to clients when they’re finished with a service, and they might just be enticed to add another one to their total. 

These summer promotion ideas can help clients look and feel their best, as well as increase customer engagement and keep your spa busy during the warmer months. However, when marketing your services, remember that less is more.

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