An Inside Look at Our New Mother’s Day Ads—Now Available!

An Inside Look at Our New Mother’s Day Ads—Now Available!

Mother’s Day is still two months away (it’s on Sunday, May 14 this year), but if you want to reach your patients in time, you should start prepping your practice now for the occasion. Whether it’s a unique gift for mom or a way for women to treat themselves, Venus Concept treatments are a perfect fit. All you need to do is get the message across to your patients.

To help you get the ball rolling, we’ve put together a collection of new Mother’s Day-themed ads that you can use to market your Venus Concept treatments. These assets are now available in the Download Center. Here are a few tips on how you can start using these new ads in your practice and online.

  • Waiting Room Reminders: Place Mother’s Day-themed postcards on a table in the waiting room to catch the attention of patients who are biding their time. All the new ads in the Download Center are print-ready.
  • Reception Desk Notes: Patients are going to visit the reception desk at some point during their visit, so it’s an ideal spot for ads that are tailored to Mother’s Day.
  • Website Homepage: This is likely the first page of your website that visitors will land on, so be sure to update it with seasonally relevant banners, images, and messaging.
  • Themed Packages: Patients will be more inclined to purchase a package as a gift (whether it’s for themselves or for someone else) if it’s specially branded for the occasion. So, consider putting together a special Mother’s Day promotion or package. Be sure to advertise it on your services menu (in the practice and online). This will also help to tie together all your other Mother’s Day messaging.
  • Social Media Messaging: Social media is a key component of marketing success nowadays. Whether it’s conversations surrounding gift ideas or special posts about mom, you can easily be part of the conversation by sharing relevant posts on your social media channels. You should be promoting your Venus Concept treatments (with the Mother’s Day angle, of course), but also sprinkle them with more lifestyle content to help draw people in. Also, be sure to share a special message on May 14 to celebrate moms everywhere.

Login to the Download Center now to see the new Mother’s Day assets. They’re ready to print and start using right away, or you can use them as inspiration for creating your own personalized assets. The ads can also be customized to include your company logo and contact information.

An Inside Look at Our New Mother’s Day Ads Now Available

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