Hair Restoration With ARTAS®: Nico’s Patient Journey

Hair Restoration With ARTAS®: Nico’s Patient Journey

Hair transplantation is a multi-billion dollar market with steady growth that shows no sign of slowing. Hair loss impacts over 50 million men worldwide and over two-thirds of men will experience some form of thinning or baldness before the age of 35. To meet the need of a growing number of men seeking hair restoration, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds to deliver pleasing, natural-looking results. ARTAS®, a robotic hair transplant system enhanced with Artificial Intelligence, is Venus Concept’s state-of-the-art answer to hair restoration, gives clinicians the edge in providing an attractive hair loss solution to growing consumer demand. To highlight why ARTAS® is the best option for clinics looking to tap into this lucrative market, we recently followed the patient journey of our contest winner Nico, who won the opportunity to have a hair restoration procedure performed by Dr. Gregory Turowski MD, Ph.D., FACS.

The ARTAS® Experience from Both Sides

Dr. Turowsky was impressed with the ARTAS® hair transplantation technology from the beginning. An early adopter of the technology, his device quickly rose to the top of the charts, becoming fourth in the world for the number of procedures performed. He notes the precision, the repetitiveness, and the quality of the system, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence enhancing the equipment. The speed of the machine, he notes, is also something to take into consideration. On Nico, ARTAS® was able to perform almost 2000 grafts per hour, meaning an entire procedure can be completed in a day, rather than over several days, maximizing the number of patients Dr. Turowsky’s clinic is able to treat. His patients, including Nico, appreciate that with ARTAS® they have minimal pain, minimal scarring, and minimal downtime, with natural-looking results.



How ARTAS® Differs from Other Devices

The ARTAS® hair restoration device replaces the old method of manual Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with robotic FUE. Using advanced image-guided robotics, ARTAS® precisely analyzes and dissects the best grafts from the patient’s donor area thousands of times per session, and then accurately identifies where they should be implanted to achieve a seamless,

natural-looking hairline that’s customized to each patient. Using an integrated Artificial Intelligence software, ARTAS® enables accurate and efficient harvesting, recipient site-making, and implantation functionality in one device, using image-guided robotics for precise and repeatable follicular unit dissection.

Why ARTAS® Is the Best Choice for Your Clinic

With ARTAS®, you’re acquiring not only the cutting-edge hair restoration capabilities of the device—you’re also getting the benefit of Venus Concept’s robust support.

First and foremost, ARTAS® was designed with patients in mind; however, the device is also optimized to make the transplantation process easier for providers. Robotic hair procedures are quicker, reducing the time and in-clinic costs associated with manual FUE hair restoration. In addition, ARTAS® is equipped with a robotic arm that uses pneumatic pressure to extract and reinsert the follicles, eliminating what can be a physically strenuous session for practicians.

We’re also invested in building awareness and patient demand for the procedure. Because we’re continually positioning our devices as the best in the industry via our vast web presence, promotions, and social media, ARTAS® comes with built-in brand recognition. Your clinic can leverage that recognition to its own benefit by offering clients technology that they already know, respect, and trust.

In particular, we focus special attention on educating and informing people who may feel reluctant to take the major step of getting surgery for their hair loss. To this day, many clients are still concerned about the stigma of baldness and undergoing hair restoration treatments. By augmenting the experience with robotics and a futuristic AI program, and through initiatives like our patient contest, we’re transforming the public image of hair restoration to one that’s positive and exciting.

All of our cutting-edge medical aesthetic devices are backed by Venus Concept’s scientific research and thorough clinical trials. We stand by them, and we want your clinic to succeed as much as you do. We’re here to support your practice through our practice enhancement program, our easy-entry subscription plans, and a wealth of expertise in marketing and growing aesthetic businesses. First and foremost, our competitive pricing model excludes hidden fees or pay-per-use gimmicks, allowing you to get the best return on your investment—and to pass those savings onto your clients.

Last year, a record-breaking number of ARTAS® hair restoration procedures were performed, proving that there’s never been a better time to offer hair restoration at your clinic.

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