How to Evaluate Aesthetic Device Warranties


Choosing the right device is a big decision. And the policies in your device warranty—and by extension, the policies of the device manufacturer—can have significant ramifications for your business. The warranty policy on your device affects its long-term profitability, as well as your practice’s uptime and downtime, cost of operation, and overall return on investment.

However, when it comes to the device warranty, practitioners rarely have time to wade through complicated legalese. Often, they don’t know what they should be looking for until it’s too late. It pays to understand the major provisions of a warranty so you can make the right choice for your practice.

 These 10 key questions will help you evaluate a prospective device’s warranty:

  1. How many years does the basic, standard warranty extend on new equipment?
  2. Is it worth it to pay more during the initial purchase for a warranty that goes beyond the basic option?
  3. Does the warranty entitle you to free phone support with trained staff who can help troubleshoot problems?
  4. If a device breakdown causes you to cancel appointments, can you expect to get back on schedule within 24 hours?
  5. Does the manufacturer offer any guarantee on technician response time, or do they charge for technical service?
  6. Are there any limits on the number of repairs available, or what entitles you to device repairs under your warranty?
  7. Does the manufacturer require you to pay extra to send your device in for repairs?
  8. Does your warranty cover a free loaner device while your machine is being repaired?
  9. Is it worth it to buy coverage at an additional cost for after your initial warranty expires?
  10. Is the manufacturer willing to provide support for their legacy technology, or will they abandon customers with their older devices?

Do you know how to spot the best options to maximize your practice’s chances of success? Learn more about ideal device warranties, and how to answer the key questions that matter for your practice, by downloading our free comprehensive report, Everything You Need to Know About Aesthetic Device Warranties.


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