How to Get More Male Patients This Father’s Day

How to Get More Male Patients This Father’s Day

There’s no denying that the primary market for aesthetic services is women. However, there is another key potential market that is steadily growing year after year—the male segment. As many as 31% of men report that they are extremely likely to consider an aesthetic treatment, according to a recent survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). When you put that into perspective, it translates to millions of prospective patients on the verge of conversion. Yet, male patients only accounted for 8% of all cosmetic procedures performed in 2017, according to statistics gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

Clearly men are interested in aesthetic treatments, but aren’t entirely ready to commit to a treatment plan. So, how can we get these male patients through the door? The solution is a combination of providing the treatments they demand, the right marketing approach, and successfully being able to convert first-timers. Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to target this growing market segment, because it provides an opportunity to give men the gentle nudge they need into the world of aesthetics. Below are a few ideas that your practice can start implementing now.

It’s All About Hair

Two of the most common aesthetic concerns that men tend to have are both related to hair. As many as 60% of American men regularly manage unwanted hair growth from the neck down. As such, it is important to equip your practice with hair removal solutions that are faster and more comfortable, which is key for busy dads. Whether it’s IPL or diode laser, the right hair removal treatment system should enable you to address as many different potential patients as possible.

On the other side of hair treatments, hair restoration has grown by 538% in the past five years, according to a 2017 AAFPRS study. On the patients’ end, up to two-thirds of men experienced some degree of hair loss by 35, according to the American Hair Loss Association. Many fathers, young and old alike, will fall into this group. And when hair transplant is the second most searched cosmetic treatment in 2018 on by men, it is evident that this is a well-sought after solution to a pressing problem. 

There are two main types of hair restoration procedures you need to know about: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The key differences between the two technologies are that FUT requires a strip of hair to be surgically removed from the patient’s scalp, leaving behind a visible scar and lengthy downtime for recovery, while FUE extracts the follicles directly, leaving no linear scar and a much faster patient recovery time. That means even the busiest of dads can return to their lives faster. NeoGraft® is one example of a hair restoration system that utilizes FUE technology to deliver this minimally invasive procedure. Combined with their direct patient referral system, dedicated marketing and business development programs, and ongoing clinical education and training, it’s easier than you think to add hair restoration to your practice.  

The Right Marketing Approach  

To effectively reach your male audience, you need to tailor your marketing strategy to better speak to them. A good starting point would be to consider men’s unique needs and tailor your messaging. Research shows that the male demographic does not like clichés when it comes to advertisements. They would rather the advertiser get to the point and communicate their offering directly. The voice in such advertisements should aim to be bold, confident, and relatable. The messaging is important in order for men to have a positive interaction with you and your services. 

When we look at the statistics about young dads, it shows that 50% of them are influenced by digital ads and banners, while 44% of young dads are influenced by major search engines. This means that digital marketing is likely the best space to reach these men. So cater to them effectively with a well-rounded digital strategy that keeps everything in check. Don’t have the capacity to do it in house? Consider partnering with a device company that provides marketing support for their equipment. You can also think about investing in an agency, such as 2Two5™, that specializes in creating customized marketing assets for an effortless upgrade to your overall digital strategy.  

The First Experience

One of the reasons that men are not as involved in aesthetic treatments as they could be is because they don’t know enough about them. They may simply be unaware of the technologies out there that can address their skin and hair concerns. Oftentimes it is the women in their lives who identify and recommend aesthetic treatments for them to try. All it really takes is that first positive experience for them to see how quick and easy the treatments can be, and how they would be able to fit them into their lifestyle.

This Father’s Day, reach more men with our customized ads, exclusive to Venus Concept customers, to get everyone thinking about the men in their lives. Not a Venus Concept customer yet? Contact one of our experts to see how we can help.

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