How Your Clinic Can Corner the Market for Special Occasions

How Your Clinic Can Corner the Market for Special Occasions

The entire world is returning to normal, and people are embracing special occasions with more excitement than ever before. Dressing up and looking good is the top priority for anyone stepping out to an important party, festival, or gala this year. How can your clinic help them get ready for their big event? Whether its for a red carpet event, a wedding, anniversary, or birthday, aesthetic treatments can help your clients look and feel their best for their special occasion. Heres how to position your aesthetic practice as their destination of choice when preparing for their next event.    

Plan Ahead 

When positioning your clinic for special occasions, the calendar is your best starting point. Mark out holidays and unique festivities that your clients might want to look their best for, like Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, and New Years, as well as special days like National Proposal Day and more general times like wedding season. Then, count backward and plan out how youll promote your services leading up to these dates. Make sure to start well ahead, so clients will be able to book an appointment in time to get ready. 

Targeted Advertising  

Paid advertising is highly effective when it comes to special occasion advertising. Print ads in wedding magazines or local publications leading up to holidays are one option. Targeting specific audiences through your online advertising is also a great way to get your clinic in front of potential customers. For instance, Facebook allows you to select audience attributions, such as upcoming birthdays, in your ad manager. Using targeted advertising, you can reach valuable leads who are more likely to come to your clinic for their special occasion needs. 

Special Occasion Bundles 

As a marketing tool, packages are perceived as a lot more valuable than single services and have the added benefit of introducing customers to services they may have not tried before. For special occasions, try bundling a few treatments together that will help your clients get ready for their wedding, vacation, or other special event. Offer a discount if they opt to get all of the treatments together, perhaps with a special incentive like a gift certificate for future treatments to encourage them to return for their next occasion. 

Strategic Partnerships 

Cross-promoting with other businesses is an excellent way to increase your reach and bring new clients into your clinic. When it comes to special occasions, the possibilities are limitless. Consider partnering with wedding venues, event planners, catering companies, or even travel agencies to get your services in front of new eyes. When it comes to partnership, the importance is to use your creativity to find a mutually beneficial arrangement for both businesses, while adding value for the client. 

Get Creative 

If you want your special occasion marketing to stand out on social media, it helps to get creative. First and foremost, your photos and graphics have to look top-notch, and there are online tools that can assist with that. Make use of video, trending hashtags, and, if you can, consider partnering with a celebrity influencer like Venus Williams to make your clinic the go-to for special event prep.  

Offer Superior Results 

When it comes to special occasions, clients want amazing results from their aesthetic treatments, and they want them with no downtime so they dont miss the big day. Give them the superior technologies of Venus Concept devices so they can look and feel their best in time for any occasion, with visible results and no downtime. Our suite of cutting-edge medical aesthetic devices include: 

Venus Concept Support 

If youve been seeking support to help your clinic succeed, look no further. Our Practice Enhancement Managers are there for you, and exactly the advantage you need to lift your clinic above the competition. Your dedicated PEM will help you envision, execute, and improve your marketing efforts. Moreover, our partner clinics gain exclusive access to customer download centers, where youll find free creative assets to use for your social media, printed collaterals, and more.  

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