Why Location Matters to Your Medical Aesthetics Clinic


Real estate agents champion the phrase “location, location, location,” but how much does it really matter to a medical aesthetics clinic with a great marketing strategy and staff? A lot, actually. But location isn’t just about a physical address; it’s also about convenience, too and both factors can play a big role in prospective patients’ perception of a clinic and its staff.

Why Location Matters

So, you’ve managed to draw interest from a prospective patient online and have booked them for a consultation. If you decided to charge for the initial consult, you’ve already created income from your prospect, but their first visit will make the difference as to whether they continue to seek your medical aesthetic services.

As most treatments require more than one session for the initial treatment program with maintenance appointments to follow, location really does matter to your patients. Research studies have found that it takes less than 30 seconds to form a first impression. For some, it takes just a tenth of a second! If your prospective patient steps foot inside your clinic for the very first time feeling stressed or harried from their commute, you are already at a disadvantage.

In fact, did you know that patients consider travel time the third most important factor when choosing a medical aesthetic clinic? This is important to bear in mind when choosing your office location.

Why Convenience Matters

Some questions to consider may be whether your building can be easily accessed from the neighborhoods where your patients are most likely to live or work, if traffic is frequently snarled in your area, and if there are subway or other public transit stops nearby. Don’t forget to consider parking, too. If prospective patients are likely to drive to your office, don’t force them to hunt for a place to park. Plenty of street parking or a dedicated lot are two ideal solutions. If you’re unable to provide parking, a creative solution may be to validate patients’ parking receipts so they receive free parking in a nearby paid lot.

How to Find the Best Location for the Best Conversion Rate

Go back to your marketing strategy and consider your ideal patient. Where do they live? What neighbourhoods might they work in? Are they more likely to commute using public transportation or by car?

Based on these answers, you should be able to identify a couple key locations to scout out for your clinic or identify your clinic’s weak spots when it comes to the patient’s convenience. Essentially, it all comes down to making every effort you can to ensure your potential patient arrives to his or her first appointment on time and feeling stress-free.

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