Introduce More Men into Your Clinic with Trim & Tite™

Introduce More Men into Your Clinic with Trim & Tite

Male patients may still account for just a small portion of consumers opting into non-surgical aesthetic treatments, but the gap in clinics effectively targeting these patients makes this growing sector a lucrative opportunity. Considering the growth in this rather untapped market, offering the right treatments to appeal to these patients could accelerate your aesthetic clinic’s business. Here, discover the opportunities available in the male aesthetic treatments market alongside marketing tips to draw in male patients, plus one treatment that ticks off all the boxes. 

The Male Aesthetics Market

Currently, male patients account for approximately 10–20% of consumers pursuing non-invasive aesthetic treatments. While the female aesthetics market is still growing, its expansion is closer to maturity than that of the male segment. While aesthetic clinics predominantly target female patients, many are missing the opportunity to excel in the male aesthetics space that, while still in its infancy, is expected to outpace female aesthetics growth. In fact, by the end of the year, total sales in male aesthetic treatments are expected to expand at 11.4%, exceeding a market value of $1.0 billion.

With sales growth in male procedures expected to outpace female procedures, the opportunity for business growth in this space appears clear. So, how can your clinic tap into this growing patient population?

Quick Tips for Marketing to Prospective Male Patients

  1. Prove that you’re knowledgeable: The aesthetic treatment provider’s perceived knowledge and expertise is the top factor in gaining commitment from male patients. These patients do some research, but they’re genuinely looking to you for recommendations to achieve their general aesthetic goal. Focus then on education in marketing materials targeted to prospective male patients and in consultations.

  2. Consider a second space: While these patients may not be aware of the physiological differences in skin or fat storage compared to their female counterparts, they will likely be warier of committing to a physician who appears to approach male patients as a secondary patient base. Proving your expertise means showing these patients that they are on the same level as female patients. For this reason, you may consider dedicating a section of your office or opening a second space to serve male patients, so that you can better tailor internal marketing to male patients, including stocking male-focused magazines or tuning video feeds into sporting events or financial news. Alternatively, you could forgo the waiting room altogether.

  3. Focus on non-invasive packages: One study suggests that the majority of male patients who have opted into or are open to cosmetic treatments consider cost and time a major factor in their decision process. While offering discounts may cause patients to believe you’re less skilled or confident in your services than other providers, offering non-invasive alternatives to some more popular treatments that eliminate or drastically cut on downtime while delivering results with a defined price can be a key selling strategy for male patients.

  4. Use male before-and-after photos to convert whenever possible: While it might seem strange to have gendered before-and-after binders, general aesthetic goals are different between males and females. Rather than having male patients flip through a binder of mostly female patient outcomes (females do account for around 90% of aesthetics patients, after all), ensure that you’re offering patients images of outcomes that are similar to what they’re seeking. Male patients, for example, generally are looking for more definition and general fat reduction and tightening as compared to female patients who may prefer strategic toning to accentuate curves.

  5. Update your service offerings: As with any business, it’s important to research what is important to your target patient base and build out a successful business strategy that targets their needs. As such, you’ll want to consider what aesthetic services appeal to male patients the most. While fillers and injectables remain popular within this market segment, body contouring and skin tightening rank as two of the most requested aesthetic treatments among male patients. With this in mind, you might consider offering a treatment that takes fat reduction results one step further, educating patients on the benefits of fat reduction followed by skin tightening to achieve optimal results with a treatment such as Trim & Tite™ with Venus Legacy™.

The Benefits of Trim & Tite™ for Your Male Patients

Tap into the growing male aesthetics market by offering the most in-demand aesthetic services within the market segment under one customized and convenient treatment package that delivers impressive results without the downtime.

While fat reduction treatments can help to accelerate the destruction of fat cells, particularly in areas that are typically more difficult to target with diet and exercise alone, getting rid of that fat is just half the battle. Rapid weight loss can challenge skin elasticity, making it unable to snap back. For this reason, pairing fat reduction treatment plans with skin tightening treatments offers the additional support patients need to achieve and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle while appealing to male patients’ preferences for a comprehensive treatment plan that proves your expertise in one easily accessible package.

In fact, you may also mention to male patients that a study published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery showed that patients who sought out fat reduction treatments followed by body contouring treatments for skin tightening were more likely to maintain their lower weight and reported a higher quality of life following their treatment plan. In all, a treatment plan that incorporates skin tightening treatments to improve upon fat reduction results is more likely to achieve optimal efficacy, patient satisfaction, and patient retention. This is where you can introduce Trim & Tite™ to male patients.

Using Venus Legacy™, a trusted medical aesthetics device featuring advanced Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) technology, patients and providers may augment fat reduction results with skin tightening treatments. A new and effective skin tightening solution offered by Venus Legacy™, Trim & Tite™ works to ensure male patients have superior clinical results than with just fat reduction treatments alone. Trim & Tite™ can be used as a complementary treatment after any mode of fat reduction or weight loss to tighten the skin, further slim body circumference, and smooth out demarcations where focal fat was not evenly reduced, ensuring even greater patient satisfaction. Proposing Trim & Tite™ as a complementary treatment within a fat reduction package to male patients can help you to earn their trust while delivering the type of comprehensive solution that helps your clinic optimize the patient lifecycle.

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