Postpartum Treatments for Restoring Skin and Form

Postpartum Treatments for Restoring Skin and Form

The physical changes of pregnancy and childbirth can be dramatic and long-lasting, and most  women find the cumulative effect of these changes psychologically difficult. In fact, research has shown that self-esteem suffers during pregnancy and the early years of motherhood, with mothers of three-year-olds reporting the lowest self-esteem.

Many factors affect expectant and postpartum mothers’ self-confidence levels, but poor body image is among the most common. Fortunately, as an aesthetic treatments provider, there are a range of effective non-invasive therapies and innovative technologies available at your fingertips to help deliver the results these patients want. Among the most popular non-invasive procedures for postpartum women are body contouring, skin tightening, and skin resurfacing for the treatment of stretch marks and C-section scars.

Top Treatments for Postpartum Aesthetics Patients

Skin Tightening for Moms

Skin laxity is common following pregnancy and childbirth. Loose skin around the abdomen is a top concern for new mothers, particularly those who have nearly returned to their pre-pregnancy weight, but are unable to improve skin laxity on their own. To firm up loose skin, these patients often turn to non-invasive aesthetic solutions that won’t impact their ability to keep up with the demands of motherhood. In other words, shorter treatment sessions and little to no downtime is ideal for these patients, making avoiding surgery and opting for therapies utilizing radio frequency (RF) technology, particularly Multi-Polar RF combined with Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields, an ideal solution. 

Available through our Venus Versa™ multi-treatment platform, this synergistic combination of treatment technologies delivers energy deeper beneath the skin, stimulating fibroblasts, promoting angiogenesis, and inducing fibroblast proliferation, all resulting in improved collagen and elastin synthesis. The result is the reduced appearance of skin laxity, with results improving up to six months after the final treatment session.

Body Contouring for Postpartum Patients

Losing weight post-pregnancy is a difficult task, particularly when new moms are often short on time as they strive to meet the demands of motherhood. It can be difficult for her to get some time to care for herself, let alone have the energy to exercise. Add to this the fact that for many women who are close to their ideal weight after having a baby, stubborn pockets of fat in the abdomen, flanks, and hips can stick around for the long haul.

For these patients, non-invasive body contouring treatments with RF, available through Venus Legacy™, offers a safe and effective solution for all skin tones. Integrated sensors provide real-time thermal feedback to ensure patient comfort and safety, while innovative VariPulse™ technology offers adjustable pulsed suction for more effective lipolysis and deeper energy penetration, making easier work of those more stubborn subcutaneous fat pockets. Treatment sessions may be completed in less than a half-hour per session, perfect for the busy mom on the go.

Skin Resurfacing for Stretch Marks and C-Section Scar Reduction

Concerns regarding the visibility of Cesarean-section scarring and stretch marks are common as well, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting 32% of North American births are by C-section and up to 90% of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy.

NanoFractional RF™ and lasers are proven effective treatments in the remodeling of scar tissue, including striae alba (stretch marks) and C-section scars. Featuring NanoFractional RF™ technology delivered through tiny pins, the Venus Viva™ skin resurfacing system is the first and only fractional RF system offering complete operator control of ablation, coagulation, and resurfacing for enhanced efficacy, all in one lightweight, tabletop device that conveniently fits into any treatment room. Equipped with SmartScan™ technology, this device uses a unique algorithm and pattern selection technology that enables the provider to generate customized patterns for maximum flexibility and operator control. This eliminates the need for additional applicator tips, making treatment sessions simpler, faster, and more convenient for busy moms.

In particular, significant results have been reported using Venus Viva™’s NanoFractional RF™ technology for striae alba reduction. Patient satisfaction scores regarding improvements in texture, size, and overall appearance of 96.67%, 93.94%, and 96.97%, respectively, were reported following a four-week treatment plan with Venus Viva™ in one published clinical study. Furthermore, the incidence of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) in this study was lower than that reported in studies using fractional CO2 lasers (81.2%) and fractional Erbium glass lasers (36.4%), concluding Venus Viva™’s NanoFractional RF™ technology is highly effective and recommended for the safe treatment of striae alba via skin resurfacing.

Introducing Postpartum Treatments to Your Aesthetics Clinic

Aesthetic practitioners are in a unique position to help women regain their self-confidence after childbirth. Non-invasive treatments can address many common concerns and enable mothers to feel better about their appearance, but the above three treatment options offer just a taste of how you can serve these patients well while providing the most in-demand non-invasive postpartum treatments for new and mature moms.

To ensure your practice is well-equipped to meet these patients’ needs, delivering leading aesthetic treatments and ensuring optimal patient satisfaction, due diligence is key. Top providers who are increasingly passionate about serving this audience can learn more about the common aesthetic conditions experienced by postpartum women and the treatments that can help them, as well as special considerations and insights for working with this clientele, in our latest free report, Postpartum Treatments for Restoring Skin and Form. Click the download link below to claim your copy today. 


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