Social Media Marketing For Your Clinic During Uncertain Times

Social Media Marketing For Your Clinic During Uncertain Times

Social media marketing is integral to the success of your medical aesthetic practice, but when the world is turned upside down your previous social media efforts might not hold up anymore.  It’s important to adapt your social media marketing efforts in the face of uncertainty. It is possible to keep promoting your business without coming across as inauthentic, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this. Here are the dos and don’ts of social media marketing for your medical aesthetic clinic in uncertain times: 

Don’t Be Afraid To Capitalize On The New Normal 

Without a doubt, some companies flourish during a crisis, and there’s no reason not to take advantage of that. For example, our current global situation has been a boon to streaming services, grocery delivery startups, and work-from-home tech. Medical aesthetics companies have an edge as well. As one example, clients who haven’t been able to use their regular gym might be more interested in a fat treatment at the moment. Get creative and package your offerings in a way that addresses—and improves—the here and now for your clients.

Don’t Be Tone Deaf 

Because of the inflammatory nature of some of the current events in the news, it’s vital that your social media marketing efforts steer clear of offending anyone. Avoiding a social platform faux pas is done through careful planning and a thorough vetting process. Try to look at your planned posts from various perspectives, and get a few pairs of eyes on them before they go live. If you don’t have an in house marketing team to do this for you, then it’s a good time to consider hiring outside help or downloading assets from your trusted partners, like Venus Concept, who have the best interests of your business in mind.

Do Provide Customer Value

Your clients and potential clients are being constantly bombarded by news, ads, and content. The only way to make your offering stand out is by helping them answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” To do this, focus on the immediate benefits a person can enjoy by booking with your clinic, like savings, self-care, and a rejuvenated appearance, a boost in confidence. When times are hard, people are actively looking for a way to feel better. Show them how.

Do Post More Frequently 

Because of the evolving nature of current events, people are using their mobile phones more than ever. They’re checking the news, they’re checking in on friends and loved ones, and they’re checking their social media channels. To keep up with the increase in traffic, businesses should stick to a more frequent posting schedule. Alternatively, if you don’t have a posting schedule yet, now is a good time to implement one.

Do Be Flexible 

Even when things are going well, successful social media campaigns stay successful because they adapt to suit the market. Whatever you had in place previously may not be working anymore. If you had a fixed social media strategy in mind for your business, be willing to modify it, augment it, or even restart the whole thing from scratch. 

Do Engage With Followers

In times of change, your clients’ needs are likely to change as well. If you want to stay abreast of what those needs are and how to meet them, just ask. One of the most powerful marketing tools we’ve seen in the past year is brands asking their customers to take surveys so they can stay aligned with their customers’ values. But it needn’t be that complicated; simply asking questions and keeping a dialogue going can do a lot for customer loyalty.

Do Be Open And Informative

We recently published a post about reopening your medical aesthetics practice which included advice about how to bridge client concerns about returning. Since health and safety is a prime issue for everyone at the moment, be proactive by addressing them upfront. Fight fear with facts and use your social media channels to broadcast what you are doing in your practice to keep new and returning clients safe. Be open to answering any and all questions customers have about this, as well.

Do Work With An Expert Partner 

Putting together an effective social media strategy that looks good, boosts brand recognition, and converts into sales is no easy task. It’s worth enlisting the expertise of an individual or firm that can offer you the best return on investment for your online presence. This is especially true when uncertain times require careful management. At Venus Concept, we do far more than provide the most innovative and advanced medical aesthetic devices on the market. We’re also dedicated to the partners who use our products, with business services that help you equip, promote, and grow your clinic. This includes helping you navigate the ever-changing landscape of marketing and social media.

As part of our current campaign to inspire customers to return to their aesthetic treatment plans, we’ve produced social media assets for some of our most popular treatments:  

These devices are non-invasive and address common cosmetic concerns, which gives them an easy entry appeal for new customers while being an enticing reentry point for returning ones. Our social media assets for these devices are currently FREE to download for our partner clinics. Incorporate them into your current social media efforts, or speak to one of our marketing experts today to learn more about how we can support your practice.

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