The Best Tips for Launching New Treatments at Your Practice

The Best Tips for Launching New Treatments at Your Practice

The medical aesthetic industry moves fast. To keep offering the best results to your clients, youll always be bringing new treatments to your clinic. You want to help your patients meet their aesthetic goals, while also making sure youre getting a high return on investment. Achieve both by launching new treatments successfully. Our step-by-step guide will show you how. 

Step-by-Step Guide To Launching New Aesthetic Treatments 

Ensuring your newest treatment offerings are set up for success requires some careful planning. Here are the steps to take when launching your new treatment offerings:  

Prior to Launch 

These are some things to consider before you launch your new treatment. Putting in the time at this stage will make sure you, your clinic, and your staff are ready for the big launch. 

Do your research. Before you even consider offering a new treatment, make sure to research it thoroughly first. You can visit sites like RealSelf for reviews, speak to fellow practitioners, and even to your patients to determine if theres interest and demand in the treatment before you offer it yourself.   

Train your staff. Your staff should be as well-versed in all aspects of the new treatment as you are. Schedule a training day and make sure all members of your staff know how to talk about the treatment and technology with customers comfortably and knowledgeably. 

Update your retail. Many treatments come with retail products to complement the results of the treatment. If youre launching a new offering, its also the perfect time to update your retail section. Place the new products prominently, so they draw attention, boosting your in-house marketing for the new treatment. 

Marketing Prep 

Here are the key areas of your marketing strategy youll want to have covered before you launch any new treatment. 

Line up your marketing materials. Since printing and graphic design can take time, youre best to get ahead on this one. Prepare in-clinic print materials and digital graphics early to promote your newest treatment, so theyre ready to go from day one. Tip: check with the maker of the device or treatment youre launching, as they may have in-house digital assets you can use at no charge. 

Update your website. As soon as you start advertising your new treatment, your website is the first place clients will go to learn more. Update your website and use SEO keywords from your research to give you the best opportunity to be seen by patients interested in the treatment.   

Price it right. Overpricing a treatment could ward off potential customers, but you dont want to underprice it, either. So, determine the best pricing strategy by looking at the base cost and seeing what your competitors charge. To launch, you may want to offer special pricing or package it with another popular treatment.  

Launch Promotion  

Youve done your homework and now its time to launch your new treatment. Congratulations! Use these promotional strategies for a strong launch.  

Host an event. A great way to launch any new product with a bang, events are sure to bring new and returning clients to your clinicespecially if there are demo-treatment opportunities and giveaways  

Ramp up your digital marketing. The best way to hit all your bases on the digital marketing front is to create a calendar that ramps up as you get closer to launching your new treatment. Blast the news on social media, and encourage those of your staff who have professional accounts to do the same. Take advantage of your email list to get the word out, and consider targeted paid advertising as well to generate new clients.  

Keep the momentum going. At this stage, you want to hone in on the most powerful form of marketing: word of mouth. Now that you have clients getting the treatment, keep the momentum you built during the launch going strong by encouraging patients to post rviewse, share before & after pictures, and review the treatment on RealSelf. 

Failure To Launch? Not With Venus Concept! 

At Venus Concept, we support our partners whenever they launch a new treatment from us, and provide ongoing support to ensure your practice is a success. With the Venus Concept Business Development Managers, you get access to training materials, digital assets, marketing tools, and moreat no extra cost. Not only that, the Business Development team does more than just help with Venus Concept devices. They will work with you on all aspects of your business to ensure that you have the tools and resources needed to grow and be successful. 

Reach out today to get started with a customized business plan and marketing support to help your clinic thrive. 

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