The Brazilian Butt Lift Trend - What to Tell Your Patients

The Brazilian Butt Lift Trend - What to Tell Your Patients

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a plastic surgery trend that involves the removal of, processing, and reinjection of fat deposits into the upper buttock area to create a rounded, fuller rear end. It is the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery in the world and has made waves with social media influencers. The trend is particularly popular on TikTok and Instagram, both with patients who have documented their journeys to the tune of millions of views and with surgical offices which maintain promotional social media. 

Brazilian Butt Lift Pros & Cons

A successful BBL is about more than the surgical procedure; the fat, once injected into the body, must be artfully shaped by the surgeon into a pleasing silhouette, and that shape must be maintained during the healing process. This usually involves slings and constrictive shapewear to retain the chosen figure, and restrict the client’s movement and ability to sit, stand, or lie on their back. On average, around 50% of the fat injection “takes”, and the remainder is reabsorbed into the body, leading some to seek multiple surgeries to obtain their ideal figure.

Undergoing a Brazilian butt lift procedure comes with several risks, including death. This is due to the risk of fat embolism in the lungs or heart should the reinserted material enter large arteries in the buttock area. Despite the risks, the BBL is proving to be both popular and lucrative for cosmetic surgeons; the butt lift itself will cost the client anywhere from $6,000 to $15,000, with a potential for higher costs if fat is extracted from multiple sites, and sometimes not factoring surgical expenses like operating rooms, anesthesia, and so on. All told, this procedure garners millions of dollars annually - but sometimes at the cost of a client’s well-being and successful recovery.

Brazilian Butt Lift Alternatives

For patients who are interested in achieving the results of a BBL, there are alternatives available using medical aesthetic treatments. Many clients will have concerns about the expense, risks, and recovery time needed for the BBL, but are seeking options for adjusting their silhouette to achieve an hourglass figure. For these clients, there are significant options in Venus Concept’s state-of-the-art medical aesthetic devices to help accomplish their goals.

Venus Bliss™ provides similar effects as the liposuction portion of a Brazilian butt lift, using diode laser applicators to reduce fat in chosen areas of the body. The system also incorporates multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields to achieve smoothing and cellulite reduction effects in the body, offering clients a smoother, more contoured figure without the invasive nature of surgery. Those who use the Venus Bliss™ system can anticipate an easier and faster recovery period, along with a gentler treatment modality that targets particular circumferential and contouring goals.

Using radio frequencies, Venus Legacy™ is an all-in-one treatment system that highlights cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction, and body smoothing. Venus Legacy™ has been approved by the FDA for claims of temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Offering comfortable treatments with no downtime, this highly advanced device is powered by the same radio and electromagnetic pulse technology as the Venus Bliss™ and incorporates cutting-edge VariPulse™ technology.

For offices that handle clients who have diverse aesthetic needs, Venus Versa™ is a versatile multi-application system that integrates multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields with laser hair removal and skin resurfacing technologies. For a client base with a varied selection of needs, the Venus Versa™ covers extensive territory in medical aesthetics while still delivering the targeted, goal-oriented treatment that the Venus Concept line of treatment systems is known for.

Clients who express an interest in the Brazilian Butt Lift may be redirected or persuaded to first try these non-invasive, non-surgical alternatives for body contouring. There is no question that the BBL is a risky and difficult cosmetic procedure, demanding extensive recovery time and costing significant money. For those clients who wish to explore options for body reshaping that require minimal to no time away from work in recovery, that do not necessitate uncomfortable standing or sleeping positions, and that do not carry significant risk to health or life, a course of treatments with the Venus Concept line of body contouring and lipolysis products may be the ideal way to achieve their body shaping goals.

Enhancing BBL Procedure Results with Aesthetic Treatments

What about the patients who have already undergone the BBL procedure? The Venus Legacy™, Venus Bliss™, and Venus Versa™ systems can also be of use post-procedure. 

As we’ve said before, the BBL is a surgery that requires significant shaping and maintenance, and may yield results that do not match the client’s goals as a result of the body’s natural resorption of fat. Clients who have had a BBL will also benefit from the body shaping, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening* effects of the Venus Concept line of treatment systems. In post-surgical recovery, the treatment modalities offered by the Venus Concept systems can help to target specific areas for lipolysis, making delicate adjustments to the shape of the body. Furthermore, the liposuction extraction sites from the beginning of the procedure may experience loose or sagging skin; Venus Versa™ and Legacy™ systems can provide a zero-downtime alternative to further surgical intervention in these areas, assisting with tightening and shaping the body during post-surgery. 

Finally, without adequate structure, the areas of injected fat in the buttocks may lose shape over time, causing the desired silhouette to sag or become diminished as recovery progresses. If this occurs, the combination of lipolysis and body contouring technology may be used to assist in recovering a more desired body shape and returning the body to its post-surgical ideal. The Venus Concept line of products can be instrumental in helping clients to keep their BBL body for as long as possible, with minimal recovery time from maintenance treatments, in order to best achieve their aesthetic goals. 

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*Indication approved outside of the U.S.

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