Top 5 Reasons To Offer Glow Serums To Your Patients


Adding a curated selection of skin care products to your offerings can benefit your clinic in a number of ways. You can bring skin care to your clinic in the form of ordinary retail, selling products to clients off the shelf—but you can also do it by incorporating skin care products into the treatments themselves. Venus Glow™ Serums by Venus Concept are designed to do just that, as an enhancement to Venus Glow™, our facial rejuvenation treatment device. Consumable products such as Venus Glow™ Serums are a simple way to broaden your client base, increase revenue, and ensure patient satisfaction and loyalty. Here are the top 5 reasons to offer Venus Glow™ Serums at your clinic.

Better Client Retention

The more you offer your clients, the less need they have to look elsewhere. By offering them skin care and treatments enhanced by serums and other products, you’re taking a full-service approach when it comes to their aesthetic journey. Together, the serums address a wide spectrum of skin concerns, such as aging, acne, dullness, redness, and irritation. Customizing treatments for your clients and delivering results is the best way to keep them coming back to your clinic for their lifelong skin care needs. 

Enhance Your Current Aesthetic Treatment Offerings

Venus Glow™ Serums are the perfect complement to Venus Glow™dermal renewal treatments, allowing you to meet each patient’s skin needs. Venus Glow™ Serums are available in multiple unique formulations to address a wide range of skin conditions, but more than that, they boost the ROI you can expect from one of the most popular aesthetic treatments. Instead of investing in an expensive new piece of equipment, Venus Glow™ Serums give you the power to get the most out of the devices you already have. 

Scientifically-Researched Skin Care Sells

Today’s customers are too savvy to fall for gimmicky products that overpromise and underdeliver. Our market research shows that when seeking out a clinic, clients value a practice that offers the latest in medical aesthetics technology to help them best meet their goals. This desire for cutting-edge quality extends to skin care products as well. All of Venus Concepts’s state-of-the-art medical aesthetic devices and enhancements, including Venus Glow™ Serums, are backed by rigorous testing and FDA approval.   

Bolster Your Marketing Efforts

Venus Glow™ Serums and other skin care products are ideal for incorporating into your short-term and long-term marketing strategy. For one thing, they’re customized and speak to specific skin concerns, therefore allowing for a more targeted approach within your broader demographic. As well, the Venus Glow™ Serums make a great add-on or bonus in promotions, sales, and giveaways, at a lower cost to your clinic than, for example, offering a discount on a more expensive treatment or service.  

Increase Sales Revenue

For clinics looking to add revenue by offering more to clients, Venus Glow™ is a great investment with a low entry threshold. It can be an effective stand-alone treatment or as a complement to other services offered as it delivers a quick treatment that is suitable for a wide range of patients. Venus Glow™ is also an asset in terms of generating additional revenue through cross-selling since the treatments can easily be added to many other aesthetic products and services.

About Venus Glow™ & Glow Serums

Venus Concept’s Venus Glow™ dermal renewal device provides a deep cleansing treatment to the skin and its subcutaneous layers. The device uses a vacuum, 360-degree rotating tip, and two ultra-fine jet streams to open up and deep-clean pores by removing impurities from the stratum corneum for optimal dermal renewal. Using the serums, the Venus Glow™ treatment evolves into a two-step process for superior pore cleansing and facial renewal. Oscillating jet streams finer than an average strand of hair allow the serums to effectively reach into the depth of the pore, allowing for enhanced nutrient absorption. Each treatment begins with GLOWSKINPREP, which gently cleans and exfoliates before the main serum treatment. GLOWSKINPREP contains a specific concentration of lactic acid that prepares the skin for the applications of further serums. The treatment then continues using the serum best suited to the client’s skin concerns: GLOWASTRA, GLOWNOVA, GLOWCLARA, and GLOWSANA

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