Total Body Transformation Report

Total Body Transformation Report

Have you ever wondered how your practice could secure a share of the $1.4 billion non-invasive fat reduction1 and $620 million electrical muscle stimulation market?2

Introducing Venus Bliss MAX™, a new 3-in-1 solution featuring the most sought-after body treatments today. This state-of-the-art, 360° body shaping device, targets fat, muscle, and skin with three distinct technologies through effective and comfortable sessions for outstanding results and patient satisfaction. In the past, providers have had to use three separate systems to do what Venus Bliss MAX™ provides in one.

Now, treatment providers can offer three advanced technologies in one platform for a comprehensive body treatment solution. Venus Bliss MAX™’s 360° approach to body shaping helps patients achieve their ideal body shape in less time with superior, customized treatments using the most advanced non-invasive technologies. 

Download our report to learn how to help your practice thrive and your patients achieve their total body goals today. 



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*Skin tightening is not an approved indication for Venus Bliss MAX™ and Venus Bliss™ in the US.

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