TriBella™ featured in Tatler Magazine

TriBella™ featured in Tatler Magazine

The Venus Versa™ TriBella™ facial rejuvenation treatment was recently spotlighted alongside Dr. Michael Prager of Prager Cosmetic Clinic in a Tatler Magazine article, which outlines and compares various cosmetic treatments and goes through the pain factor, downtime, and results of each. 

Named “Best for Sprucing Up Skin,” TriBella™'s three-step process was highlighted as an effective, non-invasive “skin care powerhouse” that’s perfectly suited for anyone looking to get a handle on anti-aging. The unique facial rejuvenation treatment combines three powerful procedures powered by synergistic technologies in one 90-minute session.

All three modes of action come together in one versatile device—Venus Versa™—to enhance skin tone, increase tightness, and improve texture. The first part of a TriBella™ facial rejuvenation procedure is a photorejuvenation treatment with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to target benign pigmented epidermal and cutaneous lesions and benign cutaneous vascular lesions. Next is an anti-aging treatment powered by proprietary (MP)technology, which combines Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields. Lastly, a skin resurfacing treatment powered by NanoFractional Radio Frequency works to improve texture and other skin irregularities.

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