Webinar Recording: Maximizing Business Success with Venus Bliss™

Webinar Recording: Maximizing Business Success with Venus Bliss™

Did you know that non-surgical fat reduction was the most in-demand non-invasive body treatment among consumers in 20201? Whether you are already offering body treatments in your practice or still on the hunt for a system, this webinar recording will provide valuable insights on how you can successfully launch such treatments in your practice. 

In this insightful discussion featuring two of the top-performing Venus Bliss™ accounts, we will be hearing from the business owners of Beauty By Kitten and Beautiful You as they share the strategy, data, and support behind their successes. Debby Tavares, Director of Business Development Program, will also be sharing her expertise about the critical success factors, tools, and tactics that can help your practice thrive with this new treatment addition.

Watch the webinar recording below:

1. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPs) National Databank 2020 National Plastic Surgery Statistics. 

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