Where Are Consumers Buying Their Mother’s Day Gifts This Year?

Where Are Consumers Buying Their Mother’s Day Gifts This Year?

Look no further than your own clinic! According to the NRF Mother’s Day Spending Survey, conducted by Proper Insights & Analytics, it was projected that $1.8 billion would be spent on personal services such as a spa day in 2018. 

What This Means for Your Clinic

If you haven’t yet started, now is the ideal time to get your practice ready for Mother’s Day. After all, it is more than likely that consumers will already be out and about shopping for gifts to make their mom feel extra special. This Mother’s Day, offer your patients the gift of healthy, rejuvenated skin with Venus Skin™, a collection of skin care products that are clinically proven to deliver incredibly visible results.    

The Venus Skin™ Product Line 

Venus Skin™ products contain a range of highly active ingredients, including growth factors from stem cells, that work together to help reverse visible signs of aging and repair damage caused by environmental factors. The Venus Skin™ product line includes: 

Daily Face Essentials

  • Renewal Cleanser: This calming cleansing gel is designed to remove pollutants and excess oils from the skin’s surface. It’s perfect for all skin types, as it contains a blend of active ingredients that are gentle and soothing. 
  • SCT Serum: The first part of our Power+Duo, the SCT Serum contains growth factors from stem cells, powerful antioxidants, and other active ingredients to restore your skin’s ability to heal, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, redness, and discoloration. The product absorbs quickly to start working immediately. The SCT Serum is designed to be used with the SCT Accelerator for optimal results.
  • SCT Accelerator: The second part of our Power+Duo, the SCT Accelerator contains moisturizing and revitalizing ingredients to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin, thereby enhancing overall skin health. The SCT Accelerator is designed to be used with the SCT Serum for optimal results.

Daily Body Essentials 

  • Body Lift Kit: The Venus Skin™ Body Lift Kit is for daily use at home to help manage the appearance of cellulite and skin laxity. The advanced formula contains a proprietary blend of ingredients to address the contributing factors that cause dimpled and sagging skin.


  • Post-Treatment Recovery Kit: The Venus Skin™ Post-Treatment Recovery Kit is specifically designed to address your skin’s healing process after ablative facial and body treatments. The kit includes the SCR Complex, which minimizes redness, reduces swelling, and speeds up healing of micro-dermal wounds. It also includes the SCT Serum, SCT Accelerator, and Renewal Cleanser, which work together to ensure the best results for continued improvement in texture, lines, discoloration, scarring, and damaged skin. 

The Benefit for Your Practice

Offering patients the option of a skin care line has many benefits for your clinic. For starters, this is a good gateway to customer retention. Studies have shown that even a 5 percent increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in profits of between 25 and 95 percent. Simply put, patients are more likely to come back to you for continued products and services, recommend you to others, write positive reviews online, and ultimately bring in additional revenue to the practice.

Take Advantage of Our Mother’s Day Promotion Today!

From May 1 to May 18, we are offering a limited-time Mother’s Day promotion on our Daily Face Essentials with a total cost savings of $90! For every purchase of the Power+Duo (SCT Serum and SCT Accelerator), we’ll send you a NEW Venus Skin™ Travel Bag and one bottle (4 fl. oz.) of the Renewal Cleanser free of charge. To place an order for your clinic, contact your Venus Practice Consultant today!

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