Why You Should Be Offering Aesthetic Treatments for Males

Why You Should Be Offering Aesthetic Treatments for Males

Did you know that 78% of aesthetic treatment providers are neglecting one of the fastest-growing prospective patient bases in the medical aesthetics space? This large and rather underserved market could be a significant source of financial strength to your practice. What is this lucrative market segment? It’s medical aesthetic treatments for men.

While it might seem the market for female-focused aesthetics treatments is large, there is a compelling case for also incorporating and customizing your medical aesthetics services for a male clientele—that is, if you research the market trends and establish an informed strategy.

The Case for Offering Aesthetic Treatments for Men

There are a few factors currently driving growth in the aesthetic treatments space for males, including increased awareness and availability of aesthetic procedures. The rise of social media and selfies, an increasingly competitive job market that conflates youth with greater energy and capabilities, and the growing number of male celebrities who openly talk about the enhancements they’ve had are also helping to drive this growth. In fact, according to a recent report, more than half of male consumers around the world consider their looks to be important or very important, with 29% noting that they touch up their appearance throughout the day.

With all of these factors fueling increased attention to appearance, that same report estimates growth in the global male aesthetics market to increase at a compound annual rate of 7.3% through 2024. Last year, male patients accounted for eight percent of all cosmetic procedures performed, up 29% from 2000 alone, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). However, focusing in on minimally invasive procedures, that growth rate rises to a very significant 72%.

These numbers align with the growing shift favoring minimally invasive treatments over more extensive surgical procedures, with a greater focus on preventative measures. A growing segment of aesthetics patients are millennials seeking solutions that help to maintain their appearance, preferring long-term treatment plans that prevent premature aging. With one survey of aesthetics physicians across 18 countries showing that 40% agree male patients should begin aesthetic treatment plans in their 20s, there is a greater potential for treatment providers investing in the male aesthetics space to build a loyal patient base that will grow alongside their practice.

Take the First Step to Introducing Male-Focused Aesthetic Treatments

Men are increasingly seeking out aesthetic procedures, and for some practitioners, this audience represents their fastest-growing client segment. The most successful providers have pursued a deliberate strategy for the male market. By researching the most popular procedures piquing the interest of male prospective patients, how to adapt your consultation for men, and special considerations for attracting men to your practice, you can better enhance the quality of life for men who may have previously felt the stigma around aesthetic treatments while strengthening the financial foundation of your practice.

While you may be eager to get started, jumping into this space without a business strategy that focuses on the most in-demand services among male patients specifically is a risk not worth taking. Doing your own due diligence is always key, whether you’re purchasing a new medical aesthetics device or switching up your branding and marketing focus. Rather than spending money to test out the market without a clear plan in place, do your research to learn more about the needs and aesthetic goals of this patient base to create a plan that will allow you to excel from the get-go.

For those ready to take the first step, click the button below to download our latest free report, How to Tap into Growth in the Aesthetic Market for Men: Treatments and Approaches, that details the current most popular aesthetic treatments for men and how to better adapt your services and consultations to better meet the needs and aesthetic goals of your male clientele.


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