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Venus Fiore™ Feminine Health System

Offer Your Patients A Unique Solution For Women's Health

Venus Fiore is designed with three applicators to address internal vaginal atrophy, laxity, and hydration, labia & mons pubis skin tightening and sexual dysfunction. It is powered by proprietary (MP)2 technology specifically designed for vulvovaginal health, and the innovative applicators and features ensure optimal patient safety, comfort and hygiene with single-use disposable, while delivering noticeable results with no downtime.

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A Unique Multi-Treatment System For Women

Venus Fiore™ offers multiple treatment areas in one platform to address both medical and aesthetic concerns without surgery or hormone-based therapies.


Venus Fiore™ offers multiple feminine health treatments:
  • Internal vaginal health including vaginal atrophy, laxity and hydration*,
  • sexual dysfunction*,
  • labia majora skin tightening,
  • mons pubis skin tightening.
Each treatment utilized a single – use disposable tip for improved safety and hygiene. Treatments are quick, and patients can return to their daily activities immediately afterward..


The vaginal applicator has a unique multi-electrode design that simultaneously and safely delivers (MP)2 (Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) energy. The combined energy is uniformly and circumferentially applied throughout the entire vaginal canal for a 3D controlled deep heating. This innovative design enables Venus Fiore™ to deliver safe, fast, and comfortable treatments with consistent results.


In addition to the vaginal applicator, Venus Fiore™ utilizes external labia and mons pubis applicators. The proven multi-polar electrode configuration is also incorporated into each of these applicators to enable homogeneous, even, and rapid distribution of heat, resulting in fast and effective treatments, while optimizing patient comfort.


Advanced Multi-Polar Radio Frequency technology enables consistent and measurable treatment temperatures to achieve safe and predictable results.


The internal vaginal applicator is the first and only true stationary applicator on the market today. By eliminating the need for the operator to glide the applicator in and out of the treatment area, treatment technique can be easily mastered, and a measurable and stable internal temperature can be reached, leading to consistent treatment outcomes and safety.


The vaginal multipolar RF applicator is equipped with six electrodes wherein energy delivery can be adjusted on each pair independently. Each pair of electrodes have an integrated sensor which provides Real- Time Thermal Feedback, giving the operator continual indication of the treatment area’s temperature profile. These three thermal sensors in the vaginal applicator enable the operator to detect the temperature locally and precisely throughout the vaginal canal leading to safe, effective treatment with high patient comfort.


The vaginal applicator is equipped with Automatic Temperature Control (ATC), which enables the operator to reach and hold desired temperatures throughout the treatment session. This unique platform design offers high operator ease of use while the proprietary algorithm maintains the temperature at the target therapeutic level and automatically adjusts the energy 5 times per second to provide a safe and effective treatment with predictable and consistent results.


More than 750 treatments under clinical trial guidelines were conducted at over 8 sites worldwide. These studies demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the Venus Fiore system for women suffering from vaginal laxity and vulvovaginal atrophy.


Venus Fiore™ is equipped with an advanced connectivity module, enabling Internet of Things (IoT) capability. Advanced IoT collects information that will help providers enhance business operations by optimizing treatment protocols, improving patient results and satisfaction, and maximizing operational efficiency and return on investment.


Venus Fiore™ can effectively address some of the most common feminine health conditions and concerns with the physical appearance of the vaginal area. With affordable pricing, cutting-edge technology for all skin types, and hygienic single-use tips, combined with Venus Concept's industry-unique business model, Venus Fiore™ is designed to increase your business success.

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Venus Fiore™ has CE Mark for improvement of symptoms of vaginal laxity and vaginal atrophy with the Vaginal applicator, for dermatological procedures requiring increasing of skin tightening improvement in skin laxity of the Mons Pubis (MP) and Labia Majora (LA) area with the (MP)2 applicators. *Venus Fiore is also approved in Argentina for the treatment of the vulvovaginal area for improving vaginal hydration and sexual dysfunction


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2. Karcher, C, MD, & Sadick, N, MD. Vaginal rejuvenation using energy-based devices. International Journal of Women’s Dermatology, 2016; 2(3):85-88

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