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Equip your business with advanced tools to address hair loss with comprehensive hair restoration devices and solutions from Venus Concept. We’re not just in the business of selling cutting-edge hair loss devices—we’re in the business of building comprehensive hair restoration partnerships, from the purchase of your first hair loss system to our preceptorship program and ongoing account management support.

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Why You Should Be Investing In Hair Restoration Devices & Solutions

There’s no denying that the hair restoration market has surged in recent years and is on track to see even greater substantial growth in the next decade as more consumers explore their options.

Hair loss affects about 50 million men, as well as 30 million women1. About one quarter of American men show signs of balding in their 20s; by their 50s, 85% will have noticeable hair loss2. Regardless of the cause, millions are self-conscious about losing their hair and are looking for ways to look and feel younger, and more confident. Investing in hair restoration technology can help grow your practice by meeting the growing demand of male consumers for this kind of treatment.

While patients may have been put off by traditional transplant procedures, which had a number of drawbacks, Venus Concept combines innovative hair loss technology and expert services to help you create the natural-looking hairlines that patients want. With average Realself ratings of 95% and 96% respectively, the NeoGraft™ and ARTAS® iX devices will allow you to stand out from the competition by delivering the results patients are looking for. With the growing demand for hair restoration equipment and treatments, hair transplant devices are not only an integral part of your medical aesthetics practice—they are an investment that can attract new patients and improve your overall profitability.

The Numbers Say It All:

  • The global hair transplant market share is expected to surpass USD $24.8 billion by 2024.3
  • Around 80 million Americans, including men and women, suffer from hereditary hair loss.4
  • Hair transplants were the second-most researched cosmetic treatment among men on in 2018, with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedures seeing an 11% increase in research volume compared to the previous year.5

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Clinical Results For Hair Restoration Treatments

The results speak for themselves. All of the before-and-after photos for our hair restoration treatments are from certified Venus Concept providers showcasing real patient results. Images are never edited or altered.

Browse Our Full Range Of Hair Restoration Devices And Solutions

Through a holistic approach to medical aesthetics and business growth, we help our physicians address patients’ most common hair loss concerns by offering comprehensive medical hair restoration devices that can easily adapt to your existing practice. Our hair transplant devices provide both superior clinical effectiveness and the potential for higher practice profitability, making it easier than ever to grow your hair business. Click on a product below to learn more.


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An intelligent hair transplant technology. Combining cutting edge robotic and AI technology, ARTAS® iX offers precise, efficient and repeatable harvesting, site-making, and implantation functionalities in a single innovative platform.

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A trusted hair restoration solution. Equipped with unique features designed for maximum profitability and high patient satisfaction, NeoGraft® delivers the next generation of follicular unit extraction and implantation.

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NeoGraft® is cleared by the FDA, licensed by Health Canada and has CE Mark with indication for use in suction-assisted follicular extraction and re-implantation. NeoGraft® is an auto-graft system and can be used on both male and female patients.

ARTAS® iX is cleared by the FDA, licensed by Health Canada and has CE Mark with indication for use for harvesting hair follicles from the scalp in men diagnosed with androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) who have black or brown straight hair. ARTAS® iX is intended to assist physicians in identifying and extracting hair follicular units from the scalp during hair transplantation; creating recipient sites; and implanting harvested hair follicles.


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