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Hair loss affects more than 80 million Americans—approximately 50 million men and 30 million women1. Male pattern baldness starts for most men in their 20s, but by their 50s, half of all men are experiencing hair loss. According to an AAFPRS study, sixty percent of all balding men report that hair loss is their number one concern. Women lose their hair for a variety of reasons ranging from postpartum hormones to menopause.

The hair loss market is large and complex, but most importantly, it is different for all patients. With the right hair restoration treatment, you can target patients with hair loss to help restore their natural hairline. While traditional transplant procedures are invasive, leave a linear scar, and incur significant downtime, Venus Concept’s hair loss solutions leave no visible linear scar, are minimally invasive, and patients can return to their routine within the same week.

Hair restoration devices

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We combined next-generation surgical techniques with decades of data to improve every detail of the hair restoration procedure for both the doctor and the patient: a touchscreen interface, an articulated workstation, new recipient site creation handpiece, and a more efficient pneumatic motor. NeoGraft® 2.0 is designed to be more than a device—it’s engineered to make us partners for optimal aesthetic success.


  • Updated implant and extraction hand-tools enhance consistency in implantation sites for each patient.
  • Intuitive touchscreen automatically counts grafts/implants to eliminate manual counts and paperwork.
  • Articulated workstation with double-jointed arm puts all necessary tools within reach.
  • Pneumatic motor delivers more consistent pressure and less noise.

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As the industry leader of automated Follicular Unit Extraction in the United States, there’s a reason why NeoGraft® is the most trusted name in hair restoration. Read about the innovative technology behind the device, and what it means for your practice, on our NeoGraft® product page.

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NeoGraft® is cleared by the FDA as a Class I device with motors and accessories intended for use as surgical instruments to cut hard and soft tissue. Venus Concept is the exclusive distributor for NeoGraft® in the U.S..


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