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How to Organize Your Aesthetics Treatment Room
How to Organize Your Aesthetics Treatment Room
Clutter can be a killer. The clutter in your treatment rooms may have a bigger impact on patient satisfaction than you think. Declutter and organize with these tips for better business growth.
Top Aesthetic Treatment Trends to Follow in 2019
A new year calls for a fresh look at the medical aesthetics industry. Discover what’s trending in 2019 so you can better prepare your medical aesthetics clinic for success.
How to Use Social Media to Transform Your Practice
How to Use Social Media to Transform Your Practice
Make the most of your social media marketing efforts with our top tips to gain traction and transform your medical aesthetics practice.
Top Developments in Body Shaping Procedures
Top Developments in Body Shaping Procedures
Tap into the continuing growth in fat reduction treatments by keeping on top of the latest trends in body contouring treatments. See our roundup of the top fat reduction treatments.
5 Factors Patients Consider When Picking a Clinic
Increase foot traffic and interest in your medical aesthetics clinic and its offerings by knowing what prospective patients prioritize. See what’s at the top of their list.
5 Tips for Conducting Patient Surveys
Patient surveys can be a valuable tool for increasing your aesthetic clinic’s overall ROI, but only if they’re conducted with intent and purpose. Learn how to create a successful patient survey that delivers results for your aesthetics business.
How to Avoid Ending up with Obsolete Technology
Avoid the high costs of technology obsolescence, from patient dissatisfaction to rush order surcharges, with these tips for seamlessly upgrading your medical aesthetics devices.
Top Developments in Skin Resurfacing Treatments
Top Developments in Skin Resurfacing Treatments
Discover the top skin resurfacing treatment trends of the past year that could be the perfect complement to your current medical aesthetic service offerings.
3 Top Winter Aesthetic Treatment Trends
Winter can be a slow period for medical aesthetic clinics. Book a full schedule and gain a higher ROI this season by marketing these top three aesthetic treatment trends.