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Venus Practice Consulting: New Name, Same Great Service
Our Venus Practice Enhancement Management Program is getting a new name—the Venus Practice Consultant Program—but with the same great benefits. Learn more.
Where Practices Waste the Most Money
Where Practices Waste the Most Money
Get a better understanding of your aesthetics clinic’s financials and identify cost-saving initiatives by eliminating these money-wasting clinic expenses.
How to Get More Male Patients This Father’s Day
How to Get More Male Patients This Father’s Day
Find out how your aesthetics practice can better appeal to the male patient base using these latest marketing assets to celebrate Father’s Day.
What to Tell Patients to Ensure They Use Sunscreen
Help patients break their carefree approach to sunscreen and protect skin from sun damage with these approaches to educating about sun safety.
How to Get More Patient Referrals
How to Get More Patient Referrals
Discover our tips on how to strengthen patient retention, increase your referrals, and cut your patient acquisition costs for sustained business growth and higher profits.
The Power of Video
Sixty-three percent of businesses have already discovered the power of video marketing. Learn how video can boost your conversion rates and overall profits.
How to Maximize Your Patient Lifecycle and Retention
Investing in building patient retention versus acquisition can pay off in spades. Here’s how to maximize your patient lifecycle on a shoestring budget.
What Is NeoGraft® and How Can It Grow Your Business?
What Is NeoGraft and How Can It Grow Your Business
Hair restoration procedures are seeing a steady rise with 60% growth in demand. Learn what sets NeoGraft® apart and its benefits for your clinic.