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Productos y dispositivos de estética médica

Venus Concept tiene una amplia gama de dispositivos seguros y no invasivos para los tratamientos estéticos más demandados actualmente. Tanto si su negocio es grande y cuenta con varias cabinas para tratamientos, o pequeña y con poco espacio, existe un dispositivo que puede adaptarse a sus necesidades.

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Comprehensive business training that sets you apart from the competition

In addition to providing you with the most innovative equipment and solutions for hair restoration, we also want to ensure that your business is positioned to grow and succeed from day one. That’s why we are also committed to equipping all hair restoration customers with a wide scope of training in both clinical practice and effective business and marketing strategies. Whether you’re just starting out with a new clinic or adding hair restoration to an already established aesthetics business, you can choose the program that’s right for you.

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The NeoGraft® preceptorship program

Our unique two-day clinical and business preceptorship program provides the essential foundation of training for your NeoGraft® hair restoration device from the industry’s top physicians. The first day will include clinical and surgical training with a live demo, while the second day will focus on marketing and sales integration. At the end of the preceptorship, you’ll be able to walk away with a complete toolkit of knowledge, tools, and resources to successfully launch your new treatments.

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The NeoGraft® mentorship program

Upon completion of the two-day NeoGraft® preceptorship, physicians will continue to have access to some of the top hair restoration physicians in the world through our one-year mentorship program. Our renowned mentors will be able to answer any questions, address concerns that may arise along the way, and guide you along the evolution of your hair restoration business.

You will also be in touch with Venus Concept’s in-house team, which includes clinical trainers and experienced business and marketing professionals with several years of experience in the hair restoration industry. They’ll be able to walk you through our proven 12-step process to success with NeoGraft® and provide you with access to monthly digital content to help get the ball rolling.

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