VERO Hair™ Preceptorship & Clinical Training

An exclusive training and mentorship program that covers everything you need to know to grow your hair restoration business with VERO Hair™

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Benefits Of The VERO Hair™ Training Programs

Available to Venus Concept partners, the VERO Hair™ preceptorship is designed for professionals of all skill levels, ranging from the hair restoration novice to the experienced hair transplant surgeon. Through an informative, fun, and interactive agenda, this preceptorship program begins with the basics and moves on to the finer points surrounding patient selection, creating a comprehensive treatment plan, designing an appropriate hairline, and growing a hair transplant practice, among other topics. Upon completion of the preceptorship, our clinical team will help facilitate Quick Starts and/or In-Service trainings with on-site and remote case support to ensure clinical proficiency. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with all the tools, skills, knowledge, and resources you need for your hair restoration business to succeed and prosper.

About Dr. Jack Fisher

Dr. Jack Fisher boasts 30 years of experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon and leader in the cosmetic industry. With a highly refined sense of aesthetics, Dr. Fisher views performing a quality hair transplant procedure as an artform and has built his business around crafting attractive, natural-looking hairlines. Every decision Dr. Fisher makes is based on each patient’s individual needs and aesthetic goals, ensuring a result so natural that nobody will recognize it as a transplant. In addition to running a successful practice in Nashville, Dr. Fisher has also penned several chapters on hair transplants in medical textbooks, teaches courses at various national meetings, and has lectured nationally and internationally on the topic of hair transplantation.

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