3 Top Winter Aesthetic Treatment Trends


For many medical aesthetic clinics, winter is a notoriously slower time for business. Patients are prepping for the holidays, with schedules filling up quickly and wallets emptying seemingly just as rapidly. With time and money being tight, aesthetic treatments may not be at the top of their priority list. However, appearance is still top of mind with holiday parties, New Year’s resolutions, and summer preparation ahead. By tapping into patients’ top concerns and promoting the right treatment trends, your medical aesthetic clinic could see business excel this winter. Get started by considering these three top aesthetic treatments to help you focus in on for an effective winter marketing campaign.

Skin Recovery Treatments

As the temperature drops and prospective patients are starting to notice skin damage, whether its pigmentation from the summer sun or a result of rosacea flare-ups, aesthetic treatments that provide a winter reset are top of mind. Photorejuvenation treatments offer a targeted treatment for summer sun spots and other pigmentation concerns. Effective promotions for photorejuvenation treatments may tap into patients’ desire for a more even-toned, younger-looking glow. Winter is also the ideal time for a patient to start a series of photorejuvenation treatments, since skin can be photosensitive afterward and sun exposure tends to be limited in the colder months.

For patients looking to slough off dull, dry skin, skin resurfacing treatment promotions can be an attractive solution to save some money while improving skin texture. Help draw attention to skin resurfacing therapies that offer a solution for winter wrinkles while boosting skin health from deep below the surface, healing from the inside out. Where appropriate, your business may consider offering a seasonal promotional package deal that offers these treatments alongside at-home skin care products to boost bookings while achieving phenomenal results. As a bonus, encouraging prospective patients to sign up for a package that offers complementary treatments can help you create a higher-quality before-and-after photo gallery to feature optimal results and spur further sales in the new year.

Laser or IPL Hair Removal

Hair removal treatments may not be top of mind for all patients during the colder winter months, but with the right marketing campaign, you can help patients to plan ahead for the summer. With a recommended six or more treatment sessions spaced at least four weeks apart, marketing campaigns for Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and laser hair removal treatments during the winter months should stress the importance of planning ahead for optimal results come summer. By educating patients on the fact that some hair removal treatments increase photosensitivity while others are safer treatments once a patient’s summer tan fades, your marketing campaigns can help create a sense of urgency and fill up open slots in your appointment schedule. It may also help to note that winter—the season of long, warm layers—offers the best opportunity for patients to go through this transition with little impact on their regular beauty routines or day-to-day schedules.

Body Contouring Treatments

With winter comes New Year’s resolutions. Fitness and weight loss are top of mind for many consumers during this time, particularly those looking to reach their weight loss goals by the year’s end. Short term, upcoming holiday parties can also offer the perfect body contouring  marketing opportunity to boost bookings during the holidays. Body contouring devices like the Venus Legacy™ work to shrink fat cells below the skin’s surface while boosting skin elasticity for a smoother, firmer silhouette. These devices also minimize the appearance of cellulite and/or wrinkles—two common beauty concerns that can be treated under warm winter layers for an optimum transformation patients can reveal once spring rolls back around. As well, experiencing this transformation via body contouring treatments under layers may appeal to those prospective patients wanting a subtle boost to complement their fitness and dieting efforts.

Complete Winter Treatment Packages

Patients are busy, particularly during the holiday months. Bundling together some of the most popular winter aesthetic treatments into one no-fuss package for a large-scale promotion (especially one that takes advantage of your multi-treatment platform for better business growth) can help draw in those with a busier calendar. Complementary or subsequent treatments help prospective patients reach their beauty goals from head to toe without the need for multiple consultations, treatment plans, or appointments.

Offering a winter-time promotion focused on complementary treatments that are popular during this season can help to boost income, have your services stand out from your competitors, improve efficiency, and lower your patient acquisition costs. With the Harvard Business Review reporting that patient acquisition costs can be five to 25 times higher than patient retention costs, offering the most popular complementary treatments within one winter services package increases the lifetime value of each patient while decreasing marketing costs. 

For an even higher return on investment (ROI), consider upgrading your medical aesthetic devices to a multi-application platform like Venus Versa™, which features three advanced technologies—IPL with SmartPulse™, NanoFractional Radio Frequency with SmartScan™, and proprietary (MP)2 technology (Multi-Polar Radio Frequency + Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields)—to provide up to eight of the most popular, non-invasive aesthetic treatments. To learn more about the benefits of Venus Versa™, or how a Venus Concept partnership could offer an even higher ROI for your business, contact an expert today.

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