5 Big Reasons Why You Need Ongoing Aesthetics Education


Just as marketing strategies, patient care, and budgeting are imperative to your medical aesthetics clinic’s success, ongoing aesthetics education should be an essential part of your regular business operations. In fact, overlooking continuing education could be the kiss of death for your business. Here, discover our five top reasons why continuing education in the aesthetics field is one surefire way to ensure your clinic’s business success—and your career success—for years to come.

Broaden the Prospective Patient Pool

Treatments for patients with darker skin tones, lighter hair, or more complex anti-aging concerns have been left out of the medical aesthetics equation for a long time. However, new technology and techniques are offering plenty more safe and effective options for these patients. Getting the proper training in these new areas of treatment for patients with darker or tanned skin could drastically broaden your pool of prospective patients while also affording a new area of the market that you may be able to specialize in and better cater your services toward. In fact, with the advancements in technologies safe for patients with higher Fitzpatrick skin types and more widely accessible resources to educate physicians, those who don’t opt for ongoing education in this area could well be left behind in the coming years. 

Justify a Price Hike

Multiple factors go into determining your aesthetics pricing list, from the cost of equipment to the cost of staff—but education can also serve as a valid reason to increase prices. Well-trained staff, cutting-edge technology, and a physician who can speak knowledgeably to all the newest techniques and treatment options signals value to prospective patients. While some consumers are certainly more budget-conscious than others, most patients will see these treatments as an investment that should go into properly skilled hands. Informing patients of your dedication to ongoing training will not only soothe the concerns of hesitant patients, but it will also allow prospective patients to understand the value behind committing to a higher price for a better outcome.

Be the Real MVP 

For those who’ve gone into business with a partner, or even those who are currently employed, ongoing education can signal your value to the clinic and expand the ways in which you can contribute to the practice. If you’re unwilling to learn, you could be dragging your clinic down. Don’t stay stagnant. Instead, look to courses that may add value to the clinic in terms of covering weaknesses or areas of the business where you or your colleagues may lack knowledge. For business partners, work together to identify these areas, then split up courses or conferences to cover them off. For employees, propose ongoing education courses that may help you to expand your role within the practice. Creating a strong medical aesthetics team means remaining humble and knowing where to put in the extra time and money to patch up any weak points. Alternatively, as a clinic owner, if you or your partner absolutely cannot spare the time to attend continuing education courses in the fields in which you are less knowledgeable, consider building out a high-performing aesthetics team that helps to fill those gaps or offer an employee the opportunity to attend and expand their role instead.

Better Branding and More for Marketing

Certainly, education can offer personal and professional benefits, but it can also strengthen a clinic’s branding and marketing strategies. Building a brand around a team that’s always learning allows your clinic to draw in patients who are willing to invest in better services for optimal results. For clinics building a brand that circles around staff, sharing events from training days or new accomplishments by staff, such as the receipt of a new certification or passing the final exam of an advanced course, to social media accounts can attract prospective patients online. Likewise, ongoing training may afford new marketing opportunities in areas you may have otherwise overlooked, including new digital technologies that support your business’s online presence. In other words, look for opportunities to share your education with the public online or find courses that cover business growth and marketing for a well-rounded aesthetics education.

More Than Education

Ongoing education is also a useful way to get to know other industry professionals who may be leading the way in designing new technologies or techniques that are offering even better results. Investing in a course or conference where you can attend seminars is a worthwhile use of your money to gain direct access to these industry leaders. Take the opportunity to learn from them and don’t shy away from networking. You’ve paid to gain access so get the most for your hard-earned dollars by asking questions, seeking out additional tips or techniques, and getting to know these medical aesthetic industry power players. Be sure to maintain your connections following these events, too. You never know where their career might take them or where yours may take you!

In the end, ensure you’re always staying in the know regarding upcoming opportunities. Keep abreast of the latest educational events, seminars, and conferences by joining our mailing list or visiting our News and Events page. For those searching for ongoing clinical education opportunities, contact a Venus Concept expert today to discover what we offer to our partners.

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