7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Practice

7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Practice

Spring is the perfect time to re-evaluate your business plan and make changes to set your medical aesthetics clinic on the right track for the rest of the year. Try these spring cleaning tips to refresh your medical aesthetics practice.

Do a Deep Clean

Perhaps the most fitting place to start your spring cleaning, the season is the perfect reason to set aside time for a deep clean. While cleaning and sterilizing all rooms, surfaces, and hard-to-reach areas (don’t forget storage closets and storefronts), evaluate the tools and products on counters, paperwork on file or old brochures on tables, items stashed in drawers throughout the clinic, and decor items. Ensure anything left on counters or in treatment rooms is essential to have nearby during appointments and purge any unnecessary clutter for improved function and a cleaner clinic.

Take a Closer Look at Staffing

Spring can offer the perfect time to re-evaluate staff and create any positions that could improve your clinic’s efficiency and business success. To build a high-performing aesthetics team, begin your team-building project by assessing the number and character of distinct jobs that your practice needs to succeed. From there, take a closer look at the areas of your business that could use improvement and consider reassigning current staff, promoting employees, or hiring externally to fill in the gaps. Two key roles that could improve the function and services of your clinic may be a patient care coordinator to improve consultation bookings and conversions and a medical director to lend authority to your medical aesthetics clinic and widen the selection of potential service offerings.

Consider a Decor Facelift

Something as simple as new throw pillows, wall decor, or statement lighting can rejuvenate a clinic’s waiting room and respark patients’ interest in your clinic, becoming a potential talking point and offering a sign to patients that the clinic cares about this client space. However, depending on your clinic’s current waiting room, a more significant facelift may be essential. Consider the square footage and layout of your waiting room. If the space is too large, it may leave the room looking sparse and prospective patients may see this as a sign of poor service. Similarly, it’s important to consider the comfort of all patients. If all seating is the same, consider changing things up with a variety of options for patients of all sizes. Lastly, for a more discerning clientele, it may be time to consider doing away with a waiting room altogether.

Refresh Your Consultation Process

Now is the perfect time to take on a new consultation process and get to know your clinic’s conversion data. Perhaps conversion rates were improving in the fall but dropped off in the winter. Take a closer look at what has changed during that time and introduce new methods, strategies, and technology to boost consultation bookings and move toward a higher conversion rate. Ensure that inquiry calls prior to a consultation booking are also analyzed to know exactly where there may be a weak link in the chain.

Expand Your Marketing Efforts

For most businesses, social media marketing is now a given, but many medical aesthetics clinics don’t utilize email marketing to its full potential. If your clinic hasn’t taken the plunge into email marketing, spring is the perfect time to launch. Start by building an email list by offering prospective clients an incentive, such as a small discount on treatment plans or a lower consultation fee, to sign up for an e-newsletter. Offer value to email subscribers by providing them with news on upcoming events and promotions first, as well as quality content, such as advice on minimizing the effects of sun damage, on a regular basis. Know that while social media marketing offers value, those followers aren’t owned by your clinic; if the platform shuts down, you’ve lost all of those valuable contacts. With email marketing, you own your contact list. Invest time in this marketing platform for a larger ROI in the long-term.

Clean Up Your Website

There’s one number that should be enough to convince any medical aesthetics clinic to clean up and update its website this spring: 77. According to a Google study, 77% of prospective patients research treatment providers online before they even consider booking that first consultation appointment. Likewise, 77% of millennials are searching primarily from a mobile device. If your clinic hasn’t made the update yet, spring is the perfect time to refresh your website and make it responsive for better performance on mobile devices. When updating, also take a closer look at the information and content provided on your site. Every image, paragraph, or blog post should support the clinic’s overall marketing strategy and branding image. If something doesn’t fit, update it or remove it.

Clear Out Old Stock and Devices

Review all products on retail shelving and take a closer look at older medical aesthetic devices. Consider sales numbers and evaluate where older products or services may be dropped to focus on more successful areas of the business or to bring in new devices that offer more popular services. Old retail stock, such as moisturizers and cleansers, that are no longer selling well at full-price could be offered at a discount or included as a promotional freebie in combination with a suitable treatment plan to draw in new patients—if promotions are appropriate to your clinic’s branding. As for updating older devices, consider the most popular treatments and research the latest technologies, including customizable features and multiple applicators, to ensure you’re investing in a system that offers a higher ROI.

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