Boost Clinical Efficacy Using Venus Viva™

Boost Clinical Efficacy Using Venus Viva™

The desire for clean, clear, and youthful skin is what drives the skin rejuvenation market. As physicians and treatment providers, it is imperative to learn how not only to exist in these markets, but to also maximize treatment efficacy. This, in turn, helps to establish a loyal customer base which then contributes to business success.  

Fortunately, we have Stephen Eubanks, MD—National Director of Medical and Cosmetic Lasers Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery. In this bulletin, he explains what it takes to maximize treatment efficacy for acne scars using fractional radio frequency with the help of a Venus Viva™. He begins with some of the most common concerns presented by patients and how to tackle these.  

According to Dr. Eubanks, the Venus Viva™ system allows him to achieve the optimum balance between providing a complete treatment capable of resurfacing the skin and remodeling deep acne scars while also reducing the downtime for patients. Treatments with this device are applicable to patients of all Fitzpatrick skin types with no post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). This helps to widen the target audience for skin resurfacing treatments.  

Procedure time combined with device parameters and modalities are pivotal factors that make Venus Viva™ unequivocally useful in providing a treatment to acne scars that is both effective and comfortable. Dr. Eubanks delves into the specifics with his preferred parameter settings giving you a clear idea of what works for his patients and practice, and a near step-by-step explanation of his procedures.  

This bulletin clearly surmises how to get the most out of your Venus Viva™ skin resurfacing device, using it to not only cater to a customer base, but to also secure one.  

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