[WEBINAR]: Business Recovery Now, and After, the COVID-19 Crisis


The world has changed very quickly in the last three months. The last time we were faced with a pandemic of this size was over 100 years ago.1 As business owners and physicians, it is times like this we need to implement the best practices to secure the health of our clinics and ensure a smooth return to servicing our patients and customers. It is apparent every day that the COVID-19 impact on the economy is swift but hopefully short.2 So, how do we curb its effects? How do we ensure regular business days as soon as possible? We have a few ideas that will help you and your business.

On April 14th we hosted a live webinar with Ryan Miller, CEO of Etna Interactive, on how to adapt your marketing, customer communications, and resource allocation to assure your clinic’s position through, and after, the COVID-19 crisis.

As the founder of one of the aesthetic industry’s most respected online marketing firms, Ryan Miller brings over 15 years of experience serving hundreds of aesthetic clinics across North America. His award-winning company, Etna Interactive, is trusted by countless clinics across the US and Canada and is known to deliver patients and peace of mind.

Watch the webinar recording below: 

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