How Best to Deal with Unhappy Clients


In your practice, you and your staff go above and beyond to ensure a positive customer experience. However, even when youre doing everything right, unhappy clients are simply a part of doing business. Whether their complaint is major or minor, how you deal with customers in this situation makes all the difference between whether you keep them as clients, or lose them to another clinic. Read on for tips on how to turn an unhappy client into a happy one. 

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction  

Building good relationships with your customers is everything when it comes to the success of your business. Customer satisfaction is so important, in fact, that in a survey of over 700 people, 80% said they would stop frequenting a business as a result of bad customer service.Not only that, but they may tell their friends not to go there too, and word of mouth is your most powerful marketing toolit can make or break your business. 

Though you make every effort to create a positive customer experience, even the best-run businesses have occasional run-ins with angry customers. Learning how to respond to difficult customers is an essential step for you and your staff, especially those who work in the customer service industry.In the same way you would train your staff to provide that positive experience, you also need to train them in handling difficult people and resolving customer complaints.  

Your staff is your front line when it comes to dealing with clients, and on that note, it bears mentioning that happy employees are more likely to leave your customers feeling good. If you feel your practice has been encountering more than your fair share of dissatisfied customers lately, take a moment to check in with your staff and shore up your policies on employee wellness, mental health, and workplace philosophy.   

The 10 Best Ways to Deal With Unhappy Clients 

1. Start by listening

Never argue with a customer; it will only serve to escalate the situation. Instead, let them have their say, even if you disagree with what theyre saying. As you listen, look for ways to resolve their issue amicably once theyve finished speaking.   

2. Empathize with them

Can you put yourself in the customers shoesIf you can empathize with a customers problem, it will go a long way to getting you both on the same page. Build rapport by showing that you understand where theyre coming from, and go from there. 

3. Say thank you

Turn an unhappy customer from grumpy to grateful by thanking them for sharing their bad experience with you. When people complain, they expect the other person to become hostile and defensive. By saying Thank youinstead, youll show them right away that you care about resolving the issue. 

4. Stay calm

Unhappy clients have a tendency to get worked up. Or, you might be dealing with a difficult person who becomes verbally abusive. One strategy to deal with this is to respond by getting even calmer. Often, when a person sees their aggression has no effect, they will revert to reasonable behavior. Defuse tense situations by reminding them that you want to help them. 

5. Dont take it personally

Rather than getting personal, always focus on the immediate issue. Chances are, the customer doesnt know you personally but is only venting their frustration at you since you represent the clinic. If they do start to veer into insulting territory, try to guide the conversation back to the issue and how you intend to resolve it. 

6. Be considerate

Keep in mind that a clients unhappiness may stem from elsewhere. Perhaps they had a bad day, got in a fender bender earlier that week, or are dealing with some personal issues. It happens to everyone. Show them some consideration so they know youre here to correct the situation, not pile on to their bad mood. 

7. Apologize

We often overlook how powerful a simple apology can be. Especially if the issue theyre having is due to a scheduling mistake or an error on the part of you or your staff, make sure youre ready with a heartfelt apology. Sometimes its all you need to fix the problem.  

8. Offer a solution

Beyond an apology, work with the client to come to a mutually beneficial resolution. That might be a complementary treatment, a refund, or something else, depending on the issue at hand.  

9. Outline next steps

Once a solution has been decided, be clear on what the client can expect to happen next. Be sure to follow-up and follow through on what youve promised, and try to end the conversation on a positive note. 

10. Know when to throw in the towel

You cant please some people. If it becomes evident that youre dealing with someone who refuses to be appeased, then its better to apologize and take a step back. Your time may be better spent looking after your other clients. 

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