How to Draw Patients into Your Medical Aesthetics Clinic


You’ve chosen a convenient location in a neighbourhood that your target patients often frequent, you’ve carved out your space online with a focused marketing plan, and you’ve spruced up your service offerings to better appeal to your ideal prospective patients. You may have seen an increase in booked consultations but conversions could still be better. What could be the issue? It may be your clinic’s curb appeal.

First Impressions Matter

As we’ve mentioned before, prospective patients can form their first impression of your clinic and even your professional abilities in less than one second. You need to impress them even before they step inside your door, meaning curb appeal matters.

A Curb Appeal Checklist for Keeping It Clean

When we discuss curb appeal, we’re referring to how your clinic physically appears on the outside. Depending on your target demographic and your ideal patient, the aesthetic of the outside of your clinic will vary, though some rules will stay the same. Consider the following list of tips to ensure cleanliness and a welcoming entryway for both prospective and returning patients:

  1. Have your windows professionally cleaned on a regular basis. If you’re on a main street with a high volume of traffic, you may need to have them cleaned more often. Start by booking a professional cleaning once every other week and adjust as needed.
  2. Consider adding seasonal greenery arrangements outside your door. If you’re concerned about your gardening skills, opt for low-maintenance plants or shrubs. Avoid planting fragrant flowers to ensure you’re not triggering a patient’s allergies.
  3. Invest in proper signage that matches your clinic’s marketing aesthetics and exterior. Lighting should also be a consideration for any potential patients who may be passing by after clinic hours.

Appoint an employee to regularly check the entrance and sidewalk outside your clinic’s doors for garbage, debris, excess dirt, leaves, or snow that should be picked up or cleared away.

Maximize Patients’ First Impressions with a Professional Designer

Most aesthetics patients rely heavily on subtle cues that speak to your abilities and value proposition as a treatment provider, as they may not have enough information to evaluate your actual skills. Considering this, maximize prospective patients’ by hiring a professional designer.

Professional design can be a very worthwhile, and quite possibly essential, investment. A designer will make sure your signage, colors, finishes, lighting, and furnishings are coherent and convey an impression that aligns with your objectives.

No matter if you seek the help of a professional designer, ensure the overall look of your office is reassuring, memorable, and pleasant, leaving a positive first impression on prospective patients and boosting conversions.

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